Monday, January 28, 2008


Have you every experienced fear.
Real fear.
Fear beyond the physical.
Fear beyond the dark.
A fear beyond death.
A fear which transcends the unknowing.
It’s a pounding in the heart.
A chilling of the blood.
A shortness of breath.
A fear that brings you in touch with your spirit,
as you try to call upon God.
But the fear just gets in the way.
Alone in your thoughts,
and nothing touching you,
the fear paralyzes
because you can not feel.
You're gripped in an emotion so compelling.
So complete.
Total and independent
it’s beyond rage.
Beyond hatred.
It’s like a seed that grows from a single thought
and grips the heart.
Squeezing the essence from its flesh.
Turning into poison
and stopping everything.
Including your life.

When the truth sets you free, we all cry pain into tears.


jjbrock said...

Do you use your writing as a way of expressing what's happen in your life? if so you are good at it.

Shazza Nakim said...

You know, I have no one method for inspiration. I can speak to this poem and how it was created.

It was inspired by an old associate (friend at one time) who was about to go into an operation that was very risky and they could have died. She was so scared that she just cried for hours.

I helped her through it operation. Although she survived it, she eventually died later.

Since my father passed due to cancer recently and I am at that age where I am taking those early tests to find out if I will be effected by cancer as well. So I felt it was an appropriate poem to keep me focused on the positives and possible inspire a message, hope or emotions in others.

jjbrock said...

You express your self very well through your words.