Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As a Black man that has had an IQ test and scored at a respectable 138 point, the number meant very little to me until I was asked by my associates at work if I had taken one. Since my father was tested in his high school days with results being that of the gifted, it was my parent's need to know if I was birthed with either my Father's Potential or my Mother's Average Abilities. Basically there was a need to see which side of the evolutionary branch I was on.

At work, prior to the IQ conversation I was just the regular 'ol Black co-work we could lump into all the other Black people they saw on television, rap videos and the urban streets the daily news cover. Now I am that uppity Black guy who thinks he's smart and better than "us" (even though I personally knew this prior to being employed).

Although I hear what you are saying in your post at ACTING WHITE, I have always felt that IQ Tests were a hidden evil dressed in "good intentions". With the selling of IQ tests and the possible creation of prep-exams, it justifies my feeling towards them all the more.

Intelligence has always meant the "potential to learn" for people. Since the mind functions on two spheres (logic and creativity) how we balance that determines one's ability.

Although my father has the ability (according to his IQ) to out think my mother in math and science, he doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to home design and color matching. So who's smarter? Since my IQ score is higher than my father's and I have an equal balance of Arts and Sciences am I truly greater than my he or even you?

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