Sunday, January 27, 2008


Now I can take the kid gloves off and talk politics.

John Edwards, its time to get real. Your time has passed and you have John Kerry to blame for that. In your bid to capitalize on being a Vice President before you were seasoned (Sounds Familiar) enough in Washington, you got BURNED. America is well known for throwing away and forgetting its losers. Second is a loss. Third, and you might as well not have gotten on the starting line. Oh yeah, it’s still a loss in the eyes of Americans. Unlike other countries where the people admire and respect their political leaders (winners and losers) as much as they revere TEACHERS, there are a significant number of people in America whom have designated you to limbo. So far you have proven you can stay alive in a campaign, you just haven’t quite injected LIFE into the nation because all they see is how the ball was dropped in 2004.

Edwards, you have proven you can possibly be elected as a political candidate. You can even drive enough ambition towards doing the right thing for people and hold true to your pro-Union beliefs (or at least until it no longer becomes non-profitable). My crystal ball prediction, join the post-Presidential tour with Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. You can even start the Vice-President’s Club with AL GORE (since he’s the MAN OF THE YEAR right now) and crisscross the country building effective coalitions to bring back those important UNIONS (minus the corruption) that is badly needed. Between you (labor) and Gore (environment) you can collectively bring back the DREAMS for future generations. John Edwards, you can be the very fiber for returning labor movements for the United States and the creation of the proposed GREEN LABOR MOVEMENT (since I agree with John McCain when he says that certain jobs are not coming back and we need to start looking towards creating NEW industries). We know there will a lot of opportunity in the Green Labor Movement once the new Administration is elected. Just make sure you don’t forget the BLACK FOLK. I know deep in your psyche, maybe not on the deep surface BUT deep deep deep deep down in there you are pissed those South Carolinian BLACK Folk didn’t vote for you but, I still GOT LOVE FOR YOU, because as a Northerner, I need a JOB.

Since you have been playing nice lately (you did get a little venomous and skanky at times – in a lawyer kinda way), I do know that your accumulated DELEGATES will have to go somewhere. I feel that you will end up giving them to Barak Obama. This will give Obama the seats needed to possibly beat Hillary. If you decide to do that, THAT WOULD BE A SERIOUS BUTCH MOVE. Do you know how many Black Folk would make you the second coming as the New Whitest Black President? People will actually take the "YOU ARE BLACK" Kango from Bill Clinton and give it to you on the spot. Just to let you know, with a strong move and a gift like that, it will come with a price. BUT then again, look at what your BOYS did to you while campaigning. What is your PRICE? Vice Presidency? A clear and unfettered path to a CABINET position, possibly LABOR? Or can we see a back door deal to hammer at the shady deals and atrocities the current Administration has done to throw the very nature of our nation’ stability into chaos?

John Edwards, I doubt you will just fade away. You aren’t the FADE AWAY TYPE. Just not the most politically savvy type. The savvy that you and Obama preach is the bane of Washington; which WILL eventually INFECT you as it did the “CLINTONS”? Like I said earlier, you were the GOLDEN CHILD once, you lost and now you are OLD, tired, part of the establishment and they just don’t trust you like that anymore. It’s the curse for losing. You did what all first term Senators do, YOU ACTUALLY VOTED THE WAY THEY TOLD YOU TO and now you are part of the problem. You are also the casualty of the highest level of Affirmative Action. Come on now John, did you really think you were going to get the job when you are competing against a Woman and a Black man all of which have the same credential as you and there has never EVER been one as President in over 200 years? You lost as soon as you put in your bid. Let it slide, haggle your delegates, get your deal, and take your VISION for a better America on the road. You’ll make out better and so will your family because my prayers go out to your WIFE. You don’t really want to be President. Your HEART isn’t into it nor is your SOUL.

Hillary Hillary Hillary ….. is all I can say about you right now. You are kinda like that person on the job who knows her shyt and you can chill with every now and then BUT you have to get to know her mood swing or end up on the unemployment line because you were 3 minutes or you said something about her hair being nice and got hit up for sexual harassment. You then say to yourself “What the Hell happen?” and the answer would be you just got caught up on a day when her attitude wasn't quite as FRESH.

Oh I like you Hillary but I’m not feeling a lot of your FRIENDS. I understand you Hillary. I know the demons you walk among and if there is truly a HELL, you have lived there for 8 years. In doing so, you have made yourself an expert Demonologist. You’re like Hillary the Washingtonian Slayer. If you follow politics, which I would go as far as saying 70% of American citizens don’t, all the players behind the curtains are running their own elections behind the scenes. A regular old HELLMOUTH under the WHITE HOUSE.

The Deals that were made years ago in CONGRESS are now being re-examined because no one really looked this far into the future. The ones that did are the BIG PLAYERS whom work their Mojo Internationally. Much the way the Bush Fear Tour to the Middle East went recently, their deals will continue regardless of who is in office, HOPE or EXPERIENCE. Only those unfamiliar with Washington can be caught up in the Campaign of Hope or Experience when the BIG PLAYERS, those people who even the President of the United States have to respect and call upon to get things moving are so entrenched that their roots extend back before the Nixon years. Just think, Caroline and Ted Kennedy just endorsed Barak Obama, the same Kennedy who was President of the United States, the same person assassinated for having HOPE, the same man who was an acting political inspiration in the 1960’s and whose family his entwined deeply within the very fabric of the American political system. The brand that comes with the Kennedy family is helpful and inspirational but they are also a Political Family with the curse of Promises Unfulfilled. We also know that not all Kenney’s think a like nor SUPPORT a like. Robert Kennedy Jr., who ACTIVELY works with the Poor and is a Powerful Voice for BLACK and BROWN People support the Clinton’s. Did anyone hear that SOUND BITE? We may have doubts in our country about political families such as Romney, Bush, Clinton but now you have another dynasty; the Kennedy’s, standing tall behind Obama, cousin of current Vice President Dick Chaney. When it comes to political families, my caution is not so thrown to the wind.

Who are we really kidding that any one person can dismiss those people who are part of the foundation of Washington? Who are we to assume that these people will give up their bargaining POWER because someone proclaims that they are the CHAMPION OF HOPE. Transformative politics work both ways, you transform THEM, they transform YOU. In a nutshell, in the end you will end up like a Ronald Reagan, most beloved but not really all that liked as you have a Bill Clinton, most beloved and yet not all that liked either. Like a BUFFY the Vampire Slayer and her HELLMOUTH, you’ll have to have everyone in Washington SHARE power and agree to bring down the HELLMOUTH and its Demons and then rebuild it from Scratch. Last I checked, the last person that did that is now called a RACIST because he said that same thing out loud and in public.

For his guilt by association in his, “WHY YOU SHOULD LIKE MY WIFE HILLARY?” campaign, Bill Clinton is being asked to SHUT UP and JUST GO AWAY. The last time I heard WHITE Folks say this about anyone with as much venom and disdain, was and is whenever OJ Simpson is in the public eye. HELL, even Anne Coulter gets more respect. It amazes me how this has happened after the media, the pundits, the analyst, the competition, everyone asking, “WHERE IS BILL”, and when he finally appears, The mud is thrown. OK Bill arrives at the party by invitation and then you tell him at the door, “Don’t take off your coat, just turn around and go back home.” PEOPLE, why did you even INVITE THE MAN in the first place?

This isn’t really the question. What the real question is, “Can you RESPECT Hillary enough to do what needs to be done and Bill just designating himself as the Yes Madam type." Is this a WOMAN thing, a Clinton thing, a Political thing or in her past has she, through TRANSFORMATIVE POLITICS created enemies along the way because for a while, we didn’t even think about Bill for a long while. There are real questions that can be answered when you follow POLITICS and ignore the pundits and analyst. BILL CLINTON IS HILLARY’S HUSBAND. A brilliant man, respected around the world, he knows people, he knows media, he knows Manipulation, he can cut you off from the pass before you even throw the ball. He also know that AMERICANS are slow at getting things and he plays to that as well by planting sign posts ahead so that by the time everyone gets there, they’ll know what direction to go. This is why Hillary began campaigning for SUPER TUESDAY when everyone else was concentrating on New Hampshire. That’s planning for LEADERSHIP and not MANAGEMENT. My only concern for you Hillary, and I have the same issue myself, YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO HIDE YOUR EMOTIONS BETTER. Girl, you having those KILL BILL expressions tight and locked up on your FACE, that ain’t right. At least control it until you get in the Oval Office.

So what we have as of now is that Obama has won South Carolina. In a MEDIA MANIPULATION of Sound Bites is the end result of the "Rhetoric vs Reality" argument at its best. According to the media, BILL and HILLARY are RACIST. Ladies and Gentleman, Smart Black Folk and Slow Black Folk, Bill and Hillary Clinton are not “RACIST” nor are they or did they PLAY the RACE CARD. I mean for crying out loud, the MAN worked for YEARS to get medical supplies (medical supplies that the US throws away amounting in the Billions of dollars) affordable medicines and treatment for HIV and AIDS to people in AFRICASUCCESSFULLY. I really can’t say I know many BLACK, LATIN, ASIAN, WHITE or celebrities (outside Bono and Angelina Jolie) who even took a GRAND effort to even talk publicly about it more so ACT, myself included.

As much as I say this, and truth be told, “SOUND BITES” aren’t the whole story. And yet people still listen to 3 seconds and run with the self-proclaimed awareness that they have heard all they needed to know. This is true for all the News, for Politics, Gossip and even Religion. When you have the SERIOUS news mediums referring to New York Senator Hillary Clinton as “Billary”, that should be a clue you are being DUMBED down to. And you should be MAD AS HELL AND NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

So now we have a new sound bite that makes BILL CLINTON a Racist for daring to compare Barak Obama to Jesse Jackson? What is wrong with comparing Obama to Jackson in a realm of Historical Significants. The truth is both Jesse Jackson (Black man from the state if IL who ran for president and won the caucus of SC, talked about Change and Keeping HOPE Alive) and Obama (Black man from IL who IS running for President of and won the causcus of SC, talked about Change and bring HOPE to the American people). Why is this off limits? One political analyst stated this was Bill Clinton’s way of making Obama BLACK. Even I had to stop typing and look up when I heard this comment. It amazed me to think that not too long ago … there was a question that Obama wasn’t BLACK enough? Now Clinton is TRYING to make him BLACKER? By doing this, Bill Clinton is igniting WHITE hate towards Obama because of his skin color. 1. If a White person was prone to NOT vote for Obama, he or she would not need Bill's permission to do that. 2. Do the media really think Americans are THAT stupid? I mean Amercans are a little slow but not stupid. with a little click and point, the Internet will detail that Jesse Jackson clearly and handedly won South Carolina in 1984 and 1988 with a commanding lead DUE to the Black vote. The Clinton's conceeded that. It might have been a bit JADED in response BUT not racist 3. Jesse Jackson is not as polarizing as the media would like you to think. Only a small margin of people dislike him and those that do can CLEARLY see that there is a distinct difference between Obama and Jackson. Even the state of Illinois isn't that Blind. Overall, a whole lot of nothing about NOTHING. This ranks up there with the media BS of the Clintons playing down the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Wake up people, you are in the MATRIX.

How dare we question Barak Obama’s political career? How dare we question Barak Obama’s actual plan for America as oppose to his general view for it? How dare anyone ask questions that Non-Blacks would like to ask but fear they would be look upon as being Racist? My view, if you are running as an American of BLIND FAITH, then any question asked would be view as not having a racial over or under tone and would and should be answered. You overly SENSITIVE BLACK FOLK, please put down the Malcolm X Autobiography and allow for reality to settle in. This is politics and not PERSONAL. Even if those questions are coming from an ex-President who last year this time you would drop to your hands and knees and kiss his ALLIGATOR SHOES, respected Black people in all social and economic conditions, supported and loved by Black People for it, wake up and acknowledge that during his term, he helped send many Black people to college, to own homes, expand the number of churches, created jobs and career opportunities and created more BLACK MILLIONAIRES in America than any other Administration EVER. Then again, Americans do love to kick the "elderly" to the curb and so do the Baraka philosophy for the old guard. Bill you need to be in the Nursing Home buddy.

In amazement to most people, I like Obama. I like him a lot. I just don’t like how the people around him, uses him for disposing good people to the annals of obscurity and he PRETENDING that, “It ain’t me”. I don’t like people who benefit from the silent trashing of others (media and BS pundits all included). Nor do I like dirty POLITICS. The backbiting, the serpent-like behavior and the masks that they all wear in clear sight of the light.

Did I expect Barak Obama to win the SOUTH CAROLINA caucus? Yes. Jesse Jackson won it, any Democrat speaking to Black people directly would have won it. It’s a largely Black populated state and contrary to popular belief, Black People do vote as a Monolith and saying that and seeing the reality, People should stop the whinning when the truth is standing before us all. The kid gloves are off now so, "say what you mean and mean what you say". Now will have to see what the rural States of America think, what the desert States think, what the Deep Southern States think. Currently the results are 2 states to 3. Technically 2 to 4 if you take into consideration Michigan that was unofficially a Hillary Clinton win. Although Obama is ahead in Delegate seats he does trail in Super Delegates which will be the decider after Super Tuesday. Even with the moneys and endorsements from the Northeast, how will Middle Americans speak. Do they hate Hillary enough to give Obama a chance? Do they go with another candidate preaching HOPE? After giving Jesus a sales pitch, brought to them by a Cowboy from Texas, can Americans really affort to take chances with another bad President on top of tornados, floods, fires, more deployed regiments to Afganistan and the continued selling of America to foreign interest? And what happened to the other candidates who might have been still better than the front running choices? And then there is McCain. Middle Americans love their WAR VETERIANS. Since none of the Democratic front-runners have served in the military, that may be a problem even for Romney.

I wonder how many more sermon type speeches America have in them for the continued campaigns? Once you listen to the frontrunners from state to state, they are repeating the same jokes and personal stories of the people they meet. I thought I’d see more of Oprah on the road. I honestly feel that a lot of people thought they’d see her as well. We know Hollywood is in on the GAME and if you are lucky you might see a celebrity or two. What people want is The Second Coming Candidate. I am ready for Change, but I do question into what? Will that change be a metamorphous into something Bigger, Bolder and Beautiful or will it mutate into something Unrecognizable with Expendable Parts that can be cut away and discarded. That can only be answered simply by the people wanting a President that is a Manager of people who will do the Changing or a Presidential Leader who will give direction for those too lazy or stubborn for Change to happen.

What makes a person want to go into US politics? You’d be surprised at he answers. Yes I said answers. Political Office, on the surface, is a CIVIL job, an act of service to the Government by the Government, for the Government. It was never intended to be a CAREER PROFESSION. That’s the easy. The complex, Political Office is ultimately to balance the classes in America. To keep the Rich from getting too WEALTHY and the Underprivileged from overwhelming and chopping the heads off the HAVE ALLS, thus creating a REVOLUTION. This is why the emphasis is always on the Middle-Class. As long as you can keep that base happy and occasionally re-defining the definition of the Middle Class (cause I love it when BLACK Folk claim they are middle class when they are just outside the door from a homeless shelter and unemployment) you can jury-rig any election through words, faith and popularity. It’s a science. The Clintons know this. Anyone who paid attention in school, took economics, history, civics, political science and international global theories based on culture, political geography and lastly LAW, you too can become a Politician possibly President. Look at the Democratic frontrunners. All are LAWYERS. All studied the aforementioned or that with a combination of other factors. We only get into the gray and muddy when we mix up the politics with Private Sector CEO’s, Military and Religious fanatics. Just look at the Republican side. Bring all of the above together and concentrate them in WASHINGTON and you have HELL on EARTH. If this is true then maybe Hillary the Slayer is the Chosen One.

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jjbrock said...

I don't for one minute think that the Clinton's are racist. They can't be trusted but, they are not racist.