Monday, January 14, 2008


I walk down the streets where I live and it takes every bit of my spiritual energy to get through my day. I honestly think I need my own private island somewhere far. I find my patience with people is getting shorter by the day.


Really its ignorant people. Not ignorant rudeness, its more in a sense that I run into Ghetto Acting Folks and Clueless Privileged White Folks more and more with the numbers growing, its more like the lack of people even trying to move towards getting better with evolving beyond their assumed limitations. And when you do find something that just might be a ray of hope -- BLAM !!!! A freakin pile of shyt in front of you.

Today my friend told me about this new CD that I had to hear. Being a music lover I said let me check it out. Looking at the artist I wasn't quite sure because the name seemed familiar. Then I really looked closer at the package and noticed that it was Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry. I'm thinking, 'Yeah Man, this is gonna be some HOT SHYT'. Even though the CD was entitled, Neo Soul is Dead, I still looked past that and started pumpin' the tracks.


Marsha Ambrosius' Neo Soul Is Dead, it was some Ghetto Stripper Pole Smelling Dirty Crotch Having, Baddest Bitch Wanna-be Female Rap Shyt. 'Ol Girl Sold Out. I get it .... Neo Soul is Dead because it takes too much effort to be creative and Marsha Ambrosius wants to get paid.

I sat back and listen to the whole CD. I contemplated keeping it for future reference but my consciousness was debating to whether keep it as "art" or "research" or to designate it as garbage since there is so much of that particular style of music out there (most of which is either collecting dust on the shelves or bootlegged 6 million ways to 1).

I kept it and put it in the "research" category. You'll find me referring to it sometime in the near future to prove a point.

What got me bugged about the CD was the fact that with the limited "conscious" music that is out there in R&B, Rap and Hip Hop, Floetry was one of those groups you could depend on when you needed to detox from the madness people call music these days. To hear Marsha Ambrosius talking about POW POW, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE CLIT ... and other perverts messages overlapped with tacky and over used sampled beats .... I felt I had lost a dear friend and as a result, diminished my faith in music that much more. And if Marsha Ambrosius' CD is true to who she really is, then even worst, she lied to me all that time and Floetry isn't quite the art that influenced and cultivated my spiritual state of mind.

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