Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DEFINING "Superman Dat Ho"

I was in a situation where the television was watching me when a CNN Reporter was talking about the phenomenon of Soulja Boy. "Crank dat" was the topic, how the Boy's music is#1 in downloads, ring tones, instructional videos, how cheerleaders are doing it at football games and etc. The Reporter when on about how fun and exciting Soulja Boy was and how he's a role model for future youth musicians.

Doing my usual research online and fell upon this article about Soulja Boy and how lyrics reflect the commonalities in Youth Culture. In response a young man replied to the online discussion with the following comments. Before I judged, I had to step back a bit and look at the BIG picture and examine if in my youth would my friends or I would have done what this person suggested by decree of Soulja Boy. Although I personally would not have done this act, I'd have to say that even in the enlightenment of my generation, there would be a percentage that would have, its just the actual numbers I am at a lost at confirming. I then looked back at that CNN Report and thought as well, in all her praise, she never broke down this little fact in her presentation, no mention about the lyrics BUT much praise to the BEAT. Interesting don't you think? Here is the online response of this kid on Soulja Boy:

ANONYMOUS AUTHOR: "So here's the deal. Most dudes (myself included) has been in the situation when you've been trying all night to sleep with a certain young lady. Y'all have been messing around for hours and you've tried everything from "I'll still respect you in the morning" to "Just let me put the head in" but she keeps shutting you down hard like a faulty car trunk. Well, according to our songwriter/rapper Soldija Boy, now's the time to give up and "Superman Dat Ho"!!! I'll try to keep this as clean as possible for those of you who read this at work. So basically, you let her fall asleep and you commence to "take things into your own hands", you know, make it a party for one! Hopefully you catch my drift by now. You then "release" on her back while she's sleeping...Next, you take the sheets and cover her up with your little soldiers still on her back. What happens next is actually the funny part! Throughout the night, your liquid love will dry and wind up sticking the sheet to that lovely lady's back. When she awakens the next morning, she'll stand up with a sheet stuck to her back like a cape! My friend, you have just Supermanned dat ho!!! LOL LOL LOL It don't get any better than that. I will say that I've never done it but, I can't front, I kinda want to now LOL LOL!!! She has a cape!!! LMBAO! Are you kidding me?!?! Even funnier is that, I came across this little jewel of information cuz my boy B-Hop found out from his teenage cousin! The dude, Soldja Boy, who sings this song is 16!!! What the hell is going on with youth! In the words of Jay-Z,..."I'm afraid for the future…" i AM


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Mizrepresent said...

lol, youth...i mean, what was she drunk that she couldn't feel ish on her back, or the movement taking place under the sheets...puleeeze.