Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i was made in america
conceived in a korean made bed
by an african american woman
and jamaican father.
birthed in a jewish hospital
and branded on the butt by an east indian doctor
i was held and fed by haitian and dominican nurses.
i was wheeled to my new family
by a german born woman
to grandma who cooed while father drove
in his japanese made car
passing greek and italian restaurants
and an irish own coffee shop.
my father's friend made us a portuguese feast
for good health and a full future
while Adel praised my coming in several of his prays.
with slavic cheers and gifts of wonderment
my cousins with latino excitement arrived
with my aunt from puerto rico
commanding order for my mother and me to rest.
in my prussian styled home
grandpa called from canada.
he'll be late coming for the visit.
and Elijah,
that's my brother,
arriving from catholic school
is uncertain where he now belongs
in his now expanding world.
the day moved on
as did all the enthusiasm around me.
the joy to a world,
touched by my presence,
i cried for food and soon slept
in my small world called

made in america written by Shazza Nakim (c) copyright 1994 Reserved to Peace of Mind Publishings, Inc.

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