Thursday, January 17, 2008


So you may already know how I feel out the Goddess formally known as Oprah so I won’t go off on a rant.

I wanted to see the 1 on 1 interview between Marion Jones and Oprah Winfrey. Its been a few days since the law handed down a sentence of six months in prison for Marion Jones’ Check Fraud charge as well as obstructing of justice for her role in the Balco scandal. It was because of the latter that Marion Jones lost her role model position as America’s Champion and with that, her accolades, gold, silver and bronze medals, the respect of her team mates and records and even her existence on paper as even existing in Track and Field. It’s a hard fall from grace even for an athlete. To be honest, that should be punishment enough even with her loosing her homes, her children while away from prison and the law suits that will ensue once she is released from prison, but its not. Marion Jones interviewed with Oprah exclusively. More so, the Goddess made it known that She owned Ms. Jones before, during and after your stint in the pokey. I rather walk the GREEN MILE then to have that.

What I can’t stand, and this is why Oprah chafes the shyt out of my crotch, is when she interviews someone, you know EXACTLY when she is not feeling the guest or does not like the guest. her style is VERY subjective and not objective at all which like cutting wind, turns my nose up and away searching for a breath of fresh air. Why invite someone on to your show if you don't like them or even what they did or represent if you can't put on your OBJECTIVE FACE. In essence, she's OPINIONATED and I don't like opinionated TELEVISION. I have had people tell me, “Oprah emotes what her audience feels" or even better, "She has a right to interview how she wants to. It's her show.” And you know, you are all correct if you feel that way BUT, when you questions someone’s FAITH, as of its trivial, B@$# you done crossed the line !!

During the interview, Marion Jones referred to GOD as being one of, if not The Catalyst for her decision to come clean. Her trying to protect her family, her friends, coaches, agents, her integrity, all this played a factor but it was her spirit that was really taking a toll on her. To know that everyone is pointing fingers at you and whispering behind your back can work on a person’s conscious and if you are a GOD fearing person, those ANGELS start working the MOJO on you. Marion Jones was having relationship issues, financial problems, a tarnish image, and the assumed friends she thought she had all walked away when her money dried up. Was this just a phase or “WAS GOD TYRING TO TELL HER SOMETHING?” So by Right, Marion Jones had every right to call on GOD as a catalyst for change. This ol' HEIFER O, channeled the notion that ALL OF A SUDDEN Marion Jones found GOD because she was about to spend time in prison (which in my opinion she got off VERY light, six months for lying during a federal investigation and Check Fraud? You and I would be UNDER THE JAIL for a lot more and longer). Oprah’s attitude and AUDACITY to challenge Marion Jones’ faith deserved a Pop-In-The-Mouth. That ranks up there with cursing in Church, Synagogue or Mosque on the Holiest of Holidays. You don’t question a person’s commitment to their Higher Power .... and then do it dismissively on television? Tacky. GHETTO Tacky.


It is what it is for Marion Jones. I pretty much stated my opinion on her situation in my BLOG post, “CHEATING? WHAT CHEATING?” I still have love for Marion Jones. I would still give her a high five because I understand how a young and impressionable person can be BOUGHT OUT of one’s community. American capitalism has an infectious way about it. It’s a perfect breeding environment for snakes. Can I, and do I even have time to list the names of people "brushed by the wings of the locus". From the wealthy to the common Man, all have felt the BURN of falling from grace. Just recently the Goddess O had a segment where in an experiment, a Homeless man was given hundreds of thousands of dollars and within a short period of time, wasted every dollar. There was a woman whose husband died during 9/11 and was awarded millions of dollars from donations and the government, spent it all and has nothing to show from it. Now she claims she had some syndrome and is in need of help? F&^% her !! I was in 9/11 myself and to this day, I haven’t gotten a dime. Then there are the Mike Tyson’s of the world.

TuPac once said, "I haven't seen no Black Role Models in my community. Not one came to me and said let me show you the right way to live your life. So don't judge me whenever I do something wrong and you don't like it".

Now I am not the type to quote rappers, especially dead ones who honored the Thug Life but as someone who had had the chance to meet Mike Tyson personally, I can only say that his condition has more to do with the people he has surrounded himself with consistently and not solely of his own lack of control.

Mike Tyson is a person that seriously cried out for help from the very start and now that he is 41 years old, all those people who had all the love for him in the 80's and 90's have written him off because to be in his association would eventually taint you with "crazy".

He was a child then and he is still a child now. Guess what? No REAL BLACK MAN has ever stepped up to help him mature; no Role Model has ever come into his community to help. So who's fault is it really that he is a Fallen Angel?

So Marion, Girl, if you have a long term plan going for you and spending these next few months in prison is your first step, I am going to be there when you get out and embrace you back into the community, CAUSE YOU KNOW WE DON’T THROW AWAY OUR PEOPLES. If your dealing with the Goddess O is part of that PLAN, and she got you the HOOKUP, go for it (just keep your clothes on cause you know how people be sweatin’ them Ex-cons). You got the Goddess O’s ear and phone number (and we all know how she loves her PHONE CALLS) but you need to hookup with Martha Steward. She can create anything out of nothing, INCLUDING A FELONY CONVICTION INTO A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR HUSTLE.


jjbrock said...

When it comes to religion I don't know about Ms.O, she can say some stupid things.

Shazza Nakim said...

You know I don't doubt that The Goddess O believes in something, just what that is and how it conditions her preception of people (BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, LATIN, NATIVE AMERICAN) I have no clue. And maybe that is just it, I don't know and might not be my calling to know but I will and often check her when she trys to sneak her Oprah-isms into peoples' spirituality.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Uh, you should have titled this bad boy, "Fallen Angels". I missed the MJ show with O. I would have been over my mom's house at the time it aired too, but I was so far removed from the goings ons in the real world this week you would be shocked. I agree with what you said about O and you made me smile to boot. Stop hating on Oprah, son. You know what I hate? I hate when she has experts on the show, I have not watched O in years, and she completes there sentences and shyt for them. Can you let somebody talk, damn. I know it's her show, but why did you invite them on if you know every damn thing. I also think she should get bopped in the mouth for questioning someone's faith. Just because you have God does not make you immune from making mistakes. Hell, I have God, Jesus and the Spirit and I make mistakes on a daily. Not that I am proud of them (the mistakes), but I know that one of the three will guide me though. Peace, my brother.

dc_speaks said...

man o feeling this post. I have mad respect for you, brah.

i hope you dont mind being added to my blogroll. You spoke eloquent truths and it should be spread to a larger audience...if I can help with that...done deal.

Happy MLK weekend, sir.

Shazza Nakim said...

Thank you, I would love that. I really appreciate it my Brotha.