Sunday, October 23, 2016



FIRST OF ALL, NATE PARKER DID NOT RAPE THAT WOMAN!  It was acknowledged in court documents by both sides, that she had consensual sex with Nate AFTER she claimed the assault happened! Although I am always apprehensive about accepting the mainstream media's definitions about what is considered a flop at the box office, I completely agree with the author about the role that those who called themselves "feminists," especially Black feminists, played in completely trying to destroy Nate Parker and his chances of having any success with this film. 

They immediately began to perpetuate some of the worsts stereotypes about Black men, such as "A BLACK MAN CAN'T EVER BE NOT GUILTY!" And the first mistake that was made was that they didn't even attempt to get all the facts of the case before speaking out against it! How the hell do you write about a case that has already happened? There is something called Transcripts and before recklessly writing about a court case they should of gotten off gotten off their asses and dug through those transcripts! And the first place they should have started with is the summations of the prosecutor and the defense! That will usually lay out much of the arguments and evidence that came out in court. In the prosecutor's closing arguments he acknowledged that the woman had consensual sex with Nate hours after she claimed the rape happened. So this girl claimed to have some memory of being "raped" by two Black men, but yet the first thing that she does after that is wakes up in the morning and decides to have consensual sex with Nate! 

Black feminists simply immediately allowed their politics to be defined by what happens when white women accuse white men of rape. But the complete reverse is true when white women accuse Black men of rape! A Black man doesn't even ever have to have seen her in order to be convicted of raping her! That happened all the time! How the hell is that not part of the rape culture narrative? How does anyone calling themselves themselves a Black feminist ignore that? You don't need any kind of evidence to convict a Black person of anything -- least of all a Black man. Now I'm not saying that a Black man can't be guilty of raping a white woman, but what one should always do before accusing anyone of anything, is to try to get the facts of the case, and that means gathering information from both sides. And when you are judging the merits of any court cases, get the effing court transcripts and comb through them! If you call yourselves a journalist, you have an effing responsibility to do that! 

And another conversation about rape culture that needs to be talked about is what happens when a Black woman accuses a white man of raping her? Hundreds of years of repeatedly raping Black women with absolute legal impunity throughout enslavement and Jim Crow. And I don’t think much has changed. Just study Tawana Brawley!
She couldn’t even get an indictment against the white men she accused of raping her. And you know what she’s called in the media? A LIAR, a FRAUD! And now they are docking her check to make her pay those white men back that she accused. But one of the biggest ironies of this is that while Black feminists (and this included some Black men) were going after Nate Parker who was found not guilty by an all white jury, except for one Black person (woman) on it, Donald Trump, who is running for president has a current court case in he is being accused of raping a white woman when she was an underage teenager! And this came out long before the video was strategically released of him saying those disgusting things about women! Outside of a few journalists writing about this, you heard hardly anything at all! And Black female feminists bloggers didn’t say shyt about it!

Friday, September 2, 2016


It doesn't matter if Obama believes in reparations or not, no President of the United States has and this includes the current candidates running for POTUS; Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What matters is do Black folk believe in it and the collective actions and work to make it a reality. Jews have done this and are continuing to build their collective wealth with reparations. Those whom have acquired it in the past are working towards expanding access to all avenue of restitution and appeasement for past wrongs. Blacks have yet to build an effective coalition to address reparations within the United States and globally, each Black community is working independently to build its own and unique base of operation on the issues centering on reparations for past wrongs. As for a myopic approach to the subject within the United States,  nothing has effectively been done in a collective to make the demand to make CONGRESS address this. Ultimately it is Congress that approves Reparations and into Law, not the President. Also, we have to be honest with ourselves as a Nation, Black folk NEVER officially asked President Obama to push for reparations. He was personally asked IF he believed in it. In all the 8 years of his term in office, no organization challenged Obama, in debate, in Congress, the Supreme Court, Wall Street or even Church and Religious institutions during the past 8 years and the only candidate that had addressed the question politically of reparations was Bernie Sanders whom Black folk raked across hot coals for his answer and yet gave Hillary a pass.

The fault isn't Obama's on the subject of Reparations, it is the lack of effort or seriousness of the Black Collective. If you are going to complain about it, fine. If you don't follow up with actions (and I have been hearing this complain for years) one would assume you don't really want it that bad.
AGAIN ... President Obama isn't the first nor is he or ever will be responsible for making it a reality, especially since he is well out of Office. Reparations is the Peoples' responsibility. This idea that Obama was to sit in office and do all the things that Black peoples wanted and or expected is the
problem with Politics; the Brand Recognition of Politics, Name Support and Group Think Politics. If you go back and examine past complaints and arguments on reparation ineptitude in Congress, Black folk forget that the Congressional Black Caucus should be that one significant group whose sole purpose it to get this issue done. No other purpose should matter until this is resolved in Congress. I made it clear that CONGRESS is responsible for Reparations; The Legislative Branch. Congress is the purse holder and gatekeeper of funds regulated for reparations. Congress controls the Presidents budget. So to ask and or demand that President Obama makes Congress release whatever backing for reparations not only is misdirected but it falters within reality that we have in this country Three Branches of Government meant solely as a Checks and Balance of Powers. Even if Obama agreed with Reparations (and to this day Blacks have collectively not defined what that would be) he couldn't even begin to make Congress address it when he couldn't even pass an effective JOBS BILL for nearly 6 years of his 8 years in the White House.

It doesn't matter WHO is in our corner as President, its the reality that only CONGRESS has to be. If Congress isn't on-aboard on all levels, then we are just talking to air. Also, the Jewish people have systematically infused their Reparations Agenda Internationally. In the US, we don't even have a local branch. So again .... misdirected anger when the problem is ourselves for not creating a Collective to address this towards the right people and placing direct pressure on president Obama to make it so.

Understand too, you need to get all 50 States (or at least 2/3 of them) to agree on reparations (in whatever form agreed upon) before it even gets to a President. And even if 2/3 agree, you still will have a strong contingency of lobbies and organizations, social groups, politicians and activist that will block and fights to prevent it. You will even have a team of "Coon and Cosigning" Black folk that will publicly advocate against it, many being wealthy and converted Black folk to the causes of the Anti-Reperationist. Eventually the decision will end up before the Supreme Court before any President can sign it into law. The best Obama can do it create a dialogue which he pretty much did briefly with his answer of non-support. It was "our" responsibility as Black folk to take him to task ... PUBLICLY for that answer and make him change his mind. Which we didn't.

Friday, July 29, 2016


What is currently in places is only maintaining the order for the Established/Congress in status quo/quid pro quo politics. The thing with all of this FEAR is that the wealthier you are, the less it concerns you and Americans exist in a "better off than you" state of mind.

I just got off the phone from an interview about vaccinations in Africa. I basically stated that its not vaccines that are the problem but what vaccines are being administered? What is on that list being sent to Africa and why? And are any of them banned from the US and Europe but aren't in places like Africa? Who signs off on them being administered in Africa? The Side-Effects and overall profits made from a bad drug used on poor and African peoples? The system will continue there and here and unless Black and Brown people are made priority (which they won't) everything you are FEARFUL of won't make the positions of Black and Brown people more equal, just more accessible for those with wealth and influence if you play the Game.

Gains in the system are only based upon what is done on a grassroots level. The Bernie of Bust people who sacrifice to to both challenge and even attack the system. All of those positions you suggested are and will be filled with ESTABLISHMENT people whom trade positions like playing cards. You might get one or two that are legitimate but overall, its about maintaining Power and Influence. Deep down you know this but you HOPE that it will change.

Just as a matter of Political Fact and History, over the past 20 years, every issue that Americans (Black Americans) were fearful of and voted for their Politicians to end .... actually became reality. This is true for both Republicans and Democrats. No one Party separately or collectively has created a solution. This election will ultimately be more of the same with Black People having even less direct influence on the system .... UNLESS .... you are down with it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As much as I try, my whole day had been completely thrown off. Those that know me, have known me as a child, to teenager, young adult, mature adult and now emerging into my years as an Elder know .... the one thing you do not do is attack or compromise my Intellect or my Character. I can allow for other affronts but those two things, I have zero tolerance for. I have walked away from "once in a lifetime" opportunities just because the INTEGRITY of my Character would have been in question and my parents have in "life" and in their "death" have made sure that this be my place in the Universe. Character and Integrity. Anyone that has followed me just on Social Media alone knows that my very purpose on it is to promote Character, Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability. And although others may not agree with me, I allow for myself to let people speak and be who they are.

My character was molded to be "unmovable" and "unshakable". You know where I stand and I stand with honor and dignity. When I talk about it, my passion can overcome my emotional state, which is why I don't do it Publicly or you'll see me become a blubbering idiot. You'll know that from my presence I will do the RIGHT thing, no compromise. This you would know and do know if you know me; be it friend, enemy or associate. That being said .... I was accused of Theft and Plagiarism and obviously from someone that "thought" they knew me. This person actually called me on the phone and accused me that my own crafted words, thoughts, philosophy and writings were stolen and manufactured by someone else. That all my nearly 40 years of personal, academic, professional and living philosophy to an area of expertise and my Career was lifted as if all that I am was sub par, low and needing of their words. That my personal skills as an intellectual and creative writer needed "borrowing". That in my HALF CENTURY PLUS years of existence on this Planet, one which I have circumvented in the pursuit of knowledge, needed hacking from someone else. I was accused of quoting and referencing myself as "stealing" and "copping" of another person .... which was them. CLEARLY ... this person does and did not know me, my background, my character, my integrity or the influence my presence have played in the World and the people that live on it. And yet, hours later, I still can't shake the negative energy that has come from the event.

I called my Mentor ... a person far wiser and experienced with life than I. He listened to my words and my anxiety over this and after about an hour of complete silence and patience and responded, "Do you need this person's approval or acknowledgement to be an intellectual or to continue to grow and expand your talents?" I said, "No." And my Mentor simply said, "The Fuck 'em. Let's move forward and continue to build and improve our community that needs you more and in your RIGHT MIND. This is and will be what you will be engaged with as you make your mark upon this Planet. What you do ripples out. Some waves come back strong, some weak and some not at all. You are too intelligent not to know this. Why? Because you are a solution".

Friday, July 8, 2016


I haven't posted or gone into deep conversation on the two recent Police Killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The idea of moving my consciousness to adjust to reasoning critically has hit the proverbial brick wall. It is not moving because there is no where else you can go. The reality is brutal. Much like Jessie Williams statement on the backlash and critics, "It was the same a month ago, it was the same last week and frankly, its boring getting upset over it when the result will be the same." Today a young Black woman, in the middle of a Union Square New York City rally, which proceeded into a march, yelled, "When are we going to stop marching. My feet and my back hurt from the last one." And yet her words were drowned out by the crowd with "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE". Eventually, she fell in line and took to the streets of Manhattan chanting the universal war-cry of Black Lives Matter, "WHOSE STREETS, OUR STREETS". This isn't new. This is all part of script most would say. The need and desire to move the line eventually stays stagnant for more of the same. More words. More hope and a lot more marching. What was even more of a step back from the events is the fact that along the outside, the police had full control in containing the outrage. This too, is script. Containment and Control.

At the end of the day, these two young men are dead and still others want to talk about Chicago when we know about Chicago and are working to end that but today, we are talking about Innocent and Non-Violent peoples deaths by those that were suppose to Protect them. My issue today and always has been with the GOOD COPS THAT STAY SILENT. If "guilty is the new innocent" for Politicians and corrupt business people, then "silence is the new activism" for the GOOD COP. Good Cops know they are too cowardly silent on there FRAT BOYS. And if they don't know, that is a conscious choice to pave a non-involvement journey until retirement; all on the tax payers dime regardless if they get the opportunity to shoot them or not. 

The solution isn't the burden of the People but those that know the Wild Cards, the Racist, the Mentally Unstable and Irresponsible within their ranks. When you can't and don't simply say .... we have people whom are wrong, were wrong and he/she needs to be removed for our force ... Good Cops cosign on the damage done to lives and communities from harassment to unwarranted Stops and Frisks, to Wrongful Convictions to Wrongful Incarcerations. The silence makes every Good Cop, no matter if they are in the majority, equally guilty and dangerous. It doesn't matter if you aren't from the same group or precinct ... you are the problem and the coward for standing by and watching mothers and fathers bury their child because he was selling CD's of his music or driving legally, or playing with their friend, walking down a street, waiting for their child in a mall, buy food at a restaurant, or simply sitting in a park to relax.

I will say, for the 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement .... if I don't see or hear an Official Statement on the problems you experience, face, administer and know exist, don't expect my support and or backing .... because when I see advertisements for CPR, images of Police kumbaya holding hands in solidarity, murals on walls in my neighborhood and actions opposite what is portrayed live , opposite was I actually see on my streets ... you might as well rename yourselves "The 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement That Bail Cotton, Sing Songs And Hide In Shadows When Its Time To Clear Your Throats And Speak Up". So until NEXT WEEK when some officer kills another innocent Black Child .... you know what? I don't want to see you because it boring and I want to see something NEW and worthy of my humanity.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


What happens when a community decides to throw a Birthday Party for someone who will only be there in spirit.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Why do modern movements die? From a Western more Eurocentric perspective, fundamentally and on the Grassroots level, people see that in order to make the changes and move the general masses in an evolutionary, revolutionary "State of Being", it takes work. Not a monumental amount of Life Energy, but a shared amount of work such as a simple Phone Call, Attending a Meeting, Learning and Researching for 20 minutes, Showing up at an Information Rally, Voting, Passing out a Flyer or a Dozen, Taking a single interest on a single issue in a single community, Asking Questions and staying on top of it until there is an answer ..... these things are easy to do but they are also acts of consistency.

The general masses have no clue that if not for the Critical Masses ( i.e. the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture), their illusion of stability and livelihood would cease or as some people would coin, "Our Way of Life". They can never answer the question of "How did you get to this point?" They know where they are, but not how they arrived. Those that falter equally don't see that where they stand, is currently being eroded on all four sides including the ceiling. Where once there was glass that could be shattered, now is replaced by stone and mortar. This is how those that get excited about "Change" and "Hope" get misdirected and misinformed because they aren't use to doing the WORK that comes with that Change, thus their loss of Hope and then subscribe to their addiction to Complacency; their flavor of choice.

The true merit to being complacent or in giving up is that the loss isn't instant, its a slow burning death into obscurity and to them, those that are still in it become the envied and or the enemy to their decision to ignore the World around them. The Progressives or Critical Masses become the enemy and the Complacent, the victim. Especially for young people. If you ask many to just put away the Cameras and Selfie sticks and Video for their Social Media apps while being Activist and just "focus", they would see early that moving in a Progressive direction is a lifestyle and not a Fad, which is what Established Political Candidates and Politicians sell to the general masses. They all seem to have somewhere in their past, done something progressive once, but now they too have given into "the bliss".

Thursday, April 21, 2016


When an artist dies, it isn't that they are no longer present, not just a transition, its all the creative artistry that they invested in the World, stops and we now have to live empty of it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


"As Bernie Sanders would say, "Let me explain to you how we got here". The problem with the NY Primaries is that what occurred is the Law and a common voting practice. No one looked deeply into this issue or even took up the mantle to question it because overall the Independent vote never mattered. There is a historical backdrop as to why this is so, but like all subject matters, no one wants to hear the History. Speaking about Current Events, only Independents know this and not until a REAL and LEGIT Independent candidate became a reality that it mattered. And like all things American, they work up too late to watch two warring Political Parties whom they have all disassociated themselves from as a form of Political Righteousness and Protest, make a decision for the candidate of their choice.

Monday, May 25, 2015


"15 Seconds Before The Wake-up Call" This is when (some) Black folk are just waking up to learn that they've missed the opportunities presented to them because they were sleeping for 7yrs. Others are going to sleep until the last second and then the few left over will wake-up 15 seconds after that and will be LATE altogether.

At this point, any criticism of the President and First Lady is moot. Their job is done. The two have done everything that they can and were allowed to do, with and without the support of the (Black) people. The psychological reality is that America will soon go back to its traditional Social, Economic, Racial, Spiritual and Judicial business of the Pre-Obama era and Post-Black influence within the White House, the result will shock the National senses. A near decade of Hope to soon become a new decade of crust in waking eyes asking the question, "What did I miss?" The last time this type of national cultural/psychological energy occurred was in the 10 year transition from the Civil Rights era of the late 60's early 70's to 1982 (the post-Carter to Regan years). Alfonzo Rachel is only capitalizing on the building fear/disconnect of an Obama-less World and like others, the social commentary rants will become the new trend as we count down the last seconds of President Obama's term. Picking and collecting gripes for these people has more to do with self-criticism and a lack of accomplishment of not doing during the Obama's Presidency than Barak Obama himself. Life and History coming full circle, these type of videos/criticisms are exactly like the videos/criticisms that were thrown at both the President and First Lady when Obama first announced he was going to run for POTUS. Taking a page from a previous article published (
DON'T PUT WORDS IN MICHELLE'S MOUTH - Feb. 20, 2008) this is just more of the same posturing for relevance as we move into a Post-Obama World where careers were made and broken because of it.

Alfonzo Rachel, like many others have made a living, or an Internet liking, for condemning Black folk on their lack of action within the politics of America, lack of influence, progress, the limited fundamental shifts needed to bring the "Hope" and "Change" proposed by President Obama. The easy and more sensational aspect of his and many others (i.e Byron Allen) career is based upon "pointing fingers", inflated theories of the extreme attitudes of the Boule and Niggaism. Using common script
and language of modern media to expound on the insignificant, Alfonzo Rachel doesn't touch on the very basics of why Black folk have and will miss the mark come the "zero count". At no real point did African-Americans collectively move beyond the pulling of the "voting lever" and moved beyond the first lesson of Voting 101, which was to hold those voted for ACCOUNTABLE after the vote. Nowhere and no one among the many Pundits, Social and Civil leadership or even the handful of Black Super Rich made the charge simple and clear that voting was the easy part, what was needed next was in chapter two of the book of VOTING 101. Those that did the homework had and are passing (i.e. Womens Rights, Gay Rights, Immigrant Rights, Tea Party Rights, Senior Citizen Rights, Gun Rights, Animal Rights). Those that thought they were moving beyond this point, were just researching on why they weren't and thus avoided the true test altogether; being Active.

Michelle Obama and her Commencement Address was very insignificant to the overall Big Picture. This is the real truth Alfonzo was using in distracting his many YouTube followers from. It is not about Michelle Obama. It never was. Its about Alfonzo Rachel's lack of real and authentic contributions to Black America since 2008 and his report card results come 2016. Funny. He actually quoted an African-American Elder scholar about this very same thing. The only problem was, instead of using it against Michelle Obama, the words were actually meant for him.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


My generation never abandoned the Millennials, it was their love of the "other" America, the one where collectively they decided to drop the African in the African-American for just being American. The generation that rejected our constant reminders, pleas, lessons, dialogue, history and stories of our past legacies that has brought them full circle to this moment. It was and still is their LOVE AND HIPHOP consciousness that is keeping them from picking up the work put on "pause" and Turn-Up on the people we kept reminding people were not "your friends". When we said, "The revolution will not be televised." We were direct and clear. No Cartoons, No Coonery, No Shuckin'-n-Jivin', No Parties, Fashion Show, False Entertaining Prophets and definitely No Procrastination. The same critical mass of people then are still here now, we just are older, more tired and have old shoes worn out from the marching, marching and more marching. So you can't blame us, its the Millennials that have to catch up on the work delayed and find your strength, shake the brainwashing and abandon the fear that is called "sacrificing for the future".

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Before I get in, can we take a moment to observe the mother, what she represented, the language, the dress, the attitude? OK ... now for my POV:

I love Mom and I know she meant well but her MALE CHILD'S purpose was to protect his future and as such, h
is MOTHER. This is what MEN do. This is what Black folk have done since chained and bound for our Trans-Atlantic kidnapping from Africa. There isn't a time or generation Black Men and Black Boys have not had to step up and represent Civil and Human Disobedience to survive in The Americas. At no time in American History has the country freely extended Human Rights to Black folk. It hasn't freely done so to Hispanics, Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples, Women or to its own White folk for what matters. That being said, I can't honestly say I know all the details and background of this mother's intent but I do know it was personal, counterproductive and selfish to her cause of; "let some other kid get hurt and die and not mine" and all the while those others are taking the hit for her not seeing the Big Picture. The MAN in her child that needed to grow, evolved and experience what needs to be done is/was being crushed. THIS IS WHY SINGLE WOMEN NEED A STRONG MALE ROLE MODEL FOR THEIR SONS. JUST FOR MOMENTS LIKE THIS.

Imagine in India, South Africa, Mexico, Syria, Libya, Russia, Pakistan, China, Korea, Palestine, Vietnam, Columbia, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, Egypt, Burma, the Congo, Ivory Coast, Haiti and I can probably list 50 more countries had mothers telling their children ... their male sons, to stay indoors, to STOP throwing rocks at an oppressive force that uses military tools to oppress them, kill them and their families and keep them in fear? To coddled and sheltered their BOYS ... their YOUNG MEN? The attitude of "NOT MINE" doesn't work when you are fighting for justice. This is the "sheeple" way of looking at life. She has in essence tamed and neutered her child into submission maintaining that only Martin Luther King Jr. is the way and light for social justice is the only way for pushing the agenda of human rights forward.

What needed to be done was she should have been by her son's side guiding him in a way (or out of the way) that had equal impact. If she didn't know how, then a person equal to the
challenge should have been by her side or had that person guide him. Be it mentor, pastor, boyfriend or MISSING FATHER. And just like people have issues with public shaming on the Internet, I have issue with the public castration of Black Boys to Men because we are too scared to "Do the Right Thing". You all do remember that movie right? No one left the theater saying how you would have told your child not to react and get involved then. You actually applauded the actions because it was real enough to connect to. If that was true then, when did it become fantasy today? Same actions, same scenario just absent the stereo.

This mother was wrong in her methods because at the end of the day, if her child had his neck broken by the Baltimore police and got off without accountability, she'd want more than a few kids throwing rocks at their oppressors. She'd take all and every attempt to Right what was/is wrong with the System. She coddled him into submission and this his Manhood took a backseat to a mother's misguided notion that what was going on was too ignorant, dangerous and un-Manly for him to experience. A warrior to the cause taken out by an unfriendly fire, a Mother from the inside. So now I have to ask, who was more dangerous, the Baltimore police for murdering a Black Man and getting away with it or a
Millennial Mother not connected to the history to how she was able to achieve her relaxed two toned hair, hoop earrings, gold necklaces and watch, makeup, nails, high heel shoes, club dressed with a Love and HipHop attitude? Her agenda was to keep her Boy a Baby and let others do the heavy lifting while her stay at home and wait for the benefits to continue to rain down as those in the 1950's, 60's 70's and still into the 2000's are doing. Her excuse was that she didn't want her child to be another Freddy Gray ..... truth be told, he already is. I get it, she is a MOTHER but like all
things that matter and affect boys, you have to allow them to be Men, make mistakes and let them go.I used the word coddling for this Mother's actions defined as a disease. Yes, respecting one's mother means coddling, in my opinion, if a mother actions keep a Boy from becoming MALE or keeps the Boy so closed off to the World that he becomes stymied by its reality and easy prey for manipulation and easy marginalized as an adult male. This situation required a MALE point of view which would have allowed this boy to make a balanced and focused decision (i.e. a Male and Female perspective). Granted there are Men who feel the same way the Mother did or does and may have told this boy not to get "involved" but the only difference is that the Male would have represented "differently". This wasn't about safety for her child, it was about NOT letting her child make an adult decision to do what he felt was the RIGHT THING."I went because in the past, a lot of my friends have been beaten, killed, abandoned, hurt by the police—so I went down there just to fight for what I stand for ..." - Michael Singleton, the Young Man who was beaten by his mother participating in Civil Disobedience in Baltimore Md.

"We should applaud our young Black (boys) for having bravery their parents' have not." - Craig Schley


Tuesday, March 31, 2015


A bouquet of roses, delicate and long stemmed,
smashed repeatedly upon the shoulder of her lover
in a giddy playfulness which rained peddles upon the floor.
a floor of urban grit and grime.
her screams of submission
went unheard
by her lover of dreadlocks passion
and half covered ass.
golden from ear to tooth
he was as sensual as he was boorish.
their affections
displayed a certain indiscretion
upon  the world
as we all witnessed it
cramped and annoyed.
like voyeurs
we all indirectly watched.
we all had no choice.
the rail passengers,
the couple’s audience,
looked through their actions
and far beyond the woman's cries
-- because  we all had heard them before
and became tolerant.
their passions raised and continued just as we
along the tracks of
the Path.

there were others on the train.
some asleep, others chillin'
-- as they would call it.
all of them dressed in rag tagged grunge
and tattered plaid and grilled tweed,
a 40 in one hand,
and a middle finger
ever ready to be triggered.
flicked and shot up at those that would abject
to a generation called X.
cold and careless to the world
it was summer everyday and all the time
for this cogently lost age.
rappa tap tappin' a
tongue click clappin'
they beat a steady rip
to the roar of the underground train.
and bothered no one at all
in their world of choice.

the train continued
rickety tickety
rip roar and roll
through the urban veins of a city.
the sound of the Path
to Journal Square from 33rd
echoing the passing of a dying night of decadent delight,
crawling unrelentingly towards the possibility of a new day.
dirtied and used
she moved abused
in a timely fashion.
much like all those that came and gone
as they went about their personal business.
like rejected monopoly pieces
set upon plastic and pseudo leather squared seats,
they all just sat
and stared.
each rider either passing go
and not collecting $200
or habitually crapping out,
waiting for that double
to get out of jail,
sentenced to a lifetime of monotony and mediocrity.

a brief stop here,
a brief stop there,
the world and beyond came along for the ride.
23rd Street, 14th Street, and 9th
i saw the tired, the hungry, and the morally troubled.
some chasing facsimiles of the Quest, Red Man, Gangstar
and the sister Queen.
still others just acted the part
and watched
the cracks of men and women,
eye to eye
contact for contact.
and through all
the rip rattle and roar
not one word was uttered.
but if you spoke in eyes
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . too much was said.
 Christopher Street
-- the stop of P's and C's
stiffen some
and brought more conversation to others.
both spoken and unspoken.

befuddled men spoke in spit filled slurs
which spewed upon the residents of the cars,
going home,
it would seem that the street beggars are starting earlier.
or was it late?
at four in the morning
in a city that never sleeps
time was irrelevant.
sleep was futile.
and life,
the will to live
was all that was necessary
when alms for the poor became the only way to survive.
screeches and jerks
the countdown to finality
after Grove, Newport,and Exchange Place,
we ended in New Jersey,
its city and
an assumed subtlety,
in its deception of safety.
for but one dollar of happiness,
one more dollar to step on the rose peddles on the floor
we end our exhibition
within the soul of the Path
and go home to our other selves
as the sun rises.

Fallen Peddles written by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © 1993 All Rights Reserved by Peace of Mind Publishings, Inc.


i was made in america
conceived in a korean made bed
by an african american woman
and jamaican father.
birthed in a jewish hospital
and branded on the butt by an east indian doctor
i was held and fed by haitian and dominican nurses.
i was wheeled to my new family
by a german born woman
to grandma who cooed while father drove
in his japanese made car
passing greek and italian restaurants
and an irish own coffee shop.
my father's friend made us a portuguese feast
for good health and a full future
while Adel praised my coming in several of his prays.
with slavic cheers and gifts of wonderment
my cousins with latino excitement arrived
with my aunt from puerto rico
commanding order for my mother and me to rest.
in my prussian styled home
grandpa called from canada.
he'll be late coming for the visit.
and Elijah,
that's my brother,
arriving from catholic school
is uncertain where he now belongs
in his now expanding world.
the day moved on
as did all the enthusiasm around me.
the joy to a world,
touched by my presence,
i cried for food and soon slept
in my small world called

made in america written by Shazza Nakim (c) copyright 1994 Reserved to Peace of Mind Publishings, Inc.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Starlight Ball

Searching for that perfect wall flower before
midnight approaches.
The last dance on wooden floors cracked with memories.
Arms held high and silk draped over young naked shoulders,
locked together and spinning in small circles
then dipping,
filling the stale air with fancy perfume
-- straight from Paris.
The dance.
Men's suits,
uniformed, pressed sharp and tight
for sailing,
come morn,
the rallying call
for a spirit soon to be lost.
As said by every father
and their father's before.
Generations of stories told.
Only theirs with different players
equal with drama and tragedy.
The story of all the children of God
leaving the Choir of the Angles
to sing no more.
So they dance.
Starlight dust settling in young  eyes
floating from the floor, cracked and hollowed,
dust which reflect strobe lights and sparkle like moving points of light
illuminating a portion of this hall of happiness.
White on White
head to toe,
marionette dancers place ruby red kisses that blend
with rosy cheeks of innocence.
Baptizing the future of the Nation's dream,
their only consolation of hope.
For they all know
-- all too well,
it will fade come daybreak.
The dance.
Just as all dreams,
we soon forget them in time
and continue about our lives.
Somewhat changed,
somewhat older,
that much more further
into the dance
at the Starlight Ball. 

Starlight Ball  written by Shazza Nakim (c) copyright 1994 Reserved to Peace of Mind Publishings, Inc.