Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I never considered Isaiah Thomas to be a Mental Giant. Considering he is an above average Basketball Player, one that had excelled far above the average ball player through out high school, college and was blessed to make it to the NBA. His awards and achievements within the realm of basketball are to be commended. Yet he is no Mental Giant.

He becomes one of very few coaches in the NBA. For what its worth, coaching for the NBA is a great accomplishment. Yet he is still no Mental Giant.

I love the Knicks. Hell or High Water, I am a Die-Hard Knick fan. Living and working in other cities with championship teams such as the Pacers, the Heat, the Lakers, the Spurs, the Nets, the Bulls, I still wore my Orange and Blue proudly and supported my team. Even when they held the worst stats in the league year after year (under Isaiah) I still wore my time with pride. Isaiah Thomas being the coach (which I did have issue with from the start) I kept my Fan jersey pressed and displayed it in my closet ready for a new season knowing that "he is no Mental Giant".

Say what you want about the man, he has the credentials needed to do the job but was/is he the best for the Knicks? I say no.

Now when it comes to sexual harassment, I take it very seriously. On both sides of the fight; once accused myself and then placed in a position to be investigated, I know that it can be a matter of "he say, she say" and "show me the money/evidence", the cases can be long and emotionally draining. In the case of Ms. Browne Sanders vs the Knicks I tried to keep a level head and open mind on the matter as well as an objective position. Often information gets leaked (on purpose) to sway public opinion and "YES" a few times I felt myself getting caught up in the wave but this time I was hit hard, Tsunami-style. When the media released Isaiah Thomas' opinion about women-- Black Woman in particular, Black women being called a BITCH, his response was the following:

Rule No. 1:
It is unacceptable for a white man to call a black woman "bitch."

Rule No. 2:
It is acceptable for a man to call a black woman "bitch" - if the man is also black.

DUDE !! What Planet Are You From?

He stated this on camera, as his testimony under a law suite for sexual harassment and at a public press conference.

Ms. Anucha Browne Sanders accused not only the Knicks Management including Isaiah Thomas and Chairman James Dolan of doing this to her but some of the players including Knicks star player, Stephon Marbury.

With Isaiah Thomas' philosophy of calling women Bitches ring loudly of the chimes of Don Imus' Nappy-Headed Ho's statement, Whites not able to use the N_Word but Black People Can and Only White People can be Racist, Black People don't have the Power to be Racist.

I am not shocked that Isaiah Thomas stated this, after all he is No Mental Giant. What is very enlightening about what he said is that I can officially put him in my category of Black write-offs which include people like O.J. Simpson, Flava Flav, Amarosa, Ice-T, J.C. Watts, Snoop Dog, Alan Keyes, Wendy Williams, Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown, Armstrong Williams, Michael Vicks, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sr. and Oprah (I know I'm gonna get it from the Oprahites but I stand behind my list).


jjbrock said...

Great post, Why would any one call their mother a bitch? If what Isaiah Thomas say is true, he calls his own mother a bitch. To get on camera and say something so stupid is beyond me.

People will think you are a smart intelligent person until you open your mouth then we will know that you are really a fool.

Rodney said...

I'm sorry. I still cant believe he can be that stupid. I believe that statement was taken out of context because an intellectual argument can be made that it's more socially acceptable for a black man than a white man to call a black woman a bitch, but as you so eloquently state. Isiah is no mental giant and far from being an intellectual.

One Man’s Opinion said...

So, what do you really think of Mr. Thomas, Shazaa?
Amarosa? Really? Is she even big enough to make the list? Believe it or not, I understand the Oprah thing, but what did Ice-T do? And I have no idea who JC is…….

Shazza Nakim said...

There isn't enough blog space for me to get into Ice (Mr. cop Killer) T who now plays the worst acting "COP" on Prime Time television. JC is the Kitchen Negro of the Republican Party and he don't even know it. I am surprised he never made your LOOK AT THIS .... list.

Eb the Celeb said...

his PR person needs to be shot, and after the amount of time that he has been in the sports industry... someone should have given him some media training. Even if he is thinking that, how at his age and with his experience could you bring yourself to say that while being taped. Just plain ignorant!

Thanks for re-posting because I didnt see it the first time!

Mizrepresent said...

I knew Isaiah, back in college...and when i first heard of the accusation...i said, he did it, he said it...cuz a tiger doesn't change his stripes...i don't care how much money you give him, the suit maybe upgraded, but he's still the same...and once again his wife Lynn has to look at his unfortunate azz.