Friday, January 11, 2008

I’m Gonna Kick Your @*&$ Hillary Lovin' Ass!!

True story.

Last night I’m standing on 124th street and Lenox Ave just across from the famous Lenox Lounge when I hear a group of people cursing and screaming at each other. At first glance I am like, Ghetto folk actin’ a fool, let me hurry up out of here. Then I see this lone Black Man somewhat stumbling down the street in his “Vote for Hillary” tee-shirt on. He’s walking and looking over his should as if the Angry Villagers were coming after him with pitched forks and fire.

Concerned about his welfare I asked about what happened? He went on to tell me that the ignorant “N_____ s” beat me up because I am supporting Hillary Clinton. Then he went on to tell me how brainwashed “N_____ s” are voting for someone they don’t know shyt about.

We stood there on Lenox Avenue while I allowed him to vent, I allowed him to talk while I looked around the Harlem streets. The nightlife of homeless men and women and drug dealers were making their way to their evening posts. The White folks that have moved to Harlem through gentrification policies were hurrying before dark to their Brownstones and newly built high-rises with 10% Black occupantcy in an area where 70% of the population is Black. The teenage girls were out to party on a school day with their "thug life" boyfriends with their pants hagging off their thighs walking like pengulins and the police cars ready themselves for the night shift keeping the animals inline. Just over the Lenox Lounge you can see the offices of the Harlem Empowerment Zone which for many who live in Harlem, is the gateway for outside interests to displace existing Harlem businesses and opportunities and beyond that, you can see the office lights of President Bill Clinton’s office which he established soon after he left office in 2000. Unemployed peoples withdrawn and directionless paced back and forth down 125th Street, the Street Vendors packing up their bootleg product made fresh from Africa, Korea and Thailand and then there is me, giving Free Urban Psychological Therapy to an American trying to exercise his vote the way he wants to by Right. “GOD how I love my Black peoples”.

As my attention fades back to my beat down Brotha I hear his preaching of truth as to how much the people of Harlem have no clue as to how politics work and how they don't ask the real questions that matter to their community, political contributions, where’s Obama’s money coming from, how bamboozled “We” as a people are and how "We" be Jim Crowed into voting for a Black man and then what about his Republican backings and ties and on and on and on he went.

After about 15 minutes of non-stop ranting he calmed down just enough to tell me his name. We exchanged names and before he hobbled along his way, he gave me his business card. He was a Real Estate Agent. I was too embarrassed for him to ask if he had anything to do with adding to the “sub-prime” lending debacle. I didn’t because it was too easy, the fact that he got BEAT UP for wearing a tee-shirt was comedy enough for a day.

I walked to my Book Club Meeting thinking to myself, “Man, this might be some serious shyt once the actual vote begin in New York on Super Tuesday, a regular BLACK PEOPLES GONE WILD experience. Barak worked it out up here in Harlem at the Apollo. He got on stage, rubbed that tree stump, and did his thing without Sandman snatching his BLACK ass off with his hook and tap shoes. The Obama Mojo had worked so well that if you even think about supporting Hillary, YO ASS IS BEAT THE F&@* UP.

This is why I talk shyt online, I ain’t stupid.


jjbrock said...

This is too funny. Are you for real? Some one got jump for supporting Hillary. That clip is so wrong, and too see that man face at the end, is oh so sad. So you found a place you can talk some smack and not get hit? Good idea.

Mizrepresent said...

I really hope we don't result to beating people up because of their choice...I love your view of things so refreshing and well thought out!

Shazza Nakim said...

Yeah, its just for this Clinton vs Obama thing. You can't mess with Black Passion without Common Sense. Thats like taking a Pit Bull's food while eating. You get bit BIG TIME.

I tell you, Baraka came up here and the people ack'ted a fool. So you have to let some things go.

Mizrepresent said...

I told my mom about this incident...first thing she said, "They shoulda beat his azz"...I'm like Ma, no, we have rights here...she backtracked then...but her first comment was her real comment.

Shazza Nakim said...

My Mother reacted the same way BUT she didn't change her mind about her opinion, she was like, "*&#@ a Clinton! She need to sit her wrinkled butt down and move on!"

It is a unique phenomenon for Black people. The last time anything remotely close to this was the election for Mayor in Newark NJ where Sharpe James was using supporters to threaten and intimidate his opponent. This is much deeper and I hope we don't see anything like it on the NEWS. That would diminish US and the Process as well.