Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I preach a personal point , and not just due to this year's Pre-Presidential Race (because that is what it is, this is just the preliminaries, the actual race hasn’t even begun) but a point of Politics that has frustrated me for years.

Before I even get to what it is that I am most frustrated about, I need to inform you where this ENERGY comes from. I am a Political Scientist. I am also an International Studies person. I gravitate to all things that make up the World’s International community, its languages, its history, dress, its relationships etc. My specialty in International studies specifically; Political Boarders. This is the study of how Nations carve out boundaries based upon Geography, Ideology, Treaties and Social Agreements, Wars and Economics. As part of my background I have worked with Mayors, Governors, Congressmen in the House and the Senate, eventually got disenchanted with the politics of it all and began to turn to writing and activism (while working for the MAN because Brotha ain’t feeling the starving artist gig). Don’t get it twisted, I will sacrifice for a Cause even in the face of knowing that I will not have many bodies to catch my back when I am knock back or fall. That is the life of a leader, of an activist and person with Social Vision. So my point that I preach and is deeply rooted in my frustration with the American people especially Black Folk is WHY DO PEOPLE FEEL THAT POLITICAL POSITIONS ARE CAREER JOBS?

I responded to a recent Blog that was ranting about how BLACK FOLK got their eye on Black Super Delegates who don’t vote for Obama (mind you, we aren’t even NEAR the point of considering whether we need to look to a Super Delegate to vote).

This was my response"

"This speaks loudly of MISDIRECTED ENERGY.

The fact that this representative is serving in his 11th term speaks of the laziness, ignorance and lack of oversight of your community. You mean that it took an issue of a Black Man running for President to wake Black Folk up to get involved in your community's POLITICS? Every time I read a Blog with this PUNISH BLACK DELEGATES topic I laugh.

The issue isn't with John Lewis; the issue is with you for allowing him 11 terms in office. And if his service is/was so GREAT that it merit him being in OFFICE that long ... WHY WOULD YOU SABOTAGE his good efforts because YOU WANT A PRESIDENT THAT IS BLACK? It makes no sense.


.... because the issue isn't WHAT BLACK DELEGATES SHOULD DO but more about WHAT BLACK FOLK NEGLECTED TO DO

You pretty much get the jest of my point and whom I was referring to. As a child growing up in an Activist family, I often wondered why so many Politicians were in office for so long. As a child I also remembered in both my Civic and History classes that there was something called "TERM LIMITS" that were placed upon the President of the United States. This was to avoid the United States Government from becoming much like that of England, which was a Monarchy. I know that in New York City, its mayor has term limits and in many other offices in various States, you only get 2 or 3 shots at getting the job done. So when I see politicians in office for what, 11 terms, we are talking about, in some Congressional offices, a service time anywhere from 22 to 44 years in the same title. I don't know too many private and or corporate positions that last that long without question and definitely without ACCOUNTABILITY.

There is currently a Senator, Robert Byrd, serving since 1956, pushing 90 plus years old. Not knocking the Man, because anyone that can live to 90 years old is blessed BUT the the Senator can barely stand without a walker and his VOICE gives off body vibration that makes him look like his personal screws are coming loose and the body parts fall to the ground. I personally think that the people who keep electing him should be charged with Elderly ABUSE. I mean, he just fell and he's most likely shopping for a NEW HIP. Come on people, you mean there is no one in the whole state, Democrat, Republican, Independent, ALIEN that can be elected to office? Whenever I hear, while watching C-SPAN or my Sunday Morning Political Talk Shows how whomever Representative is on at the moment has 10, 20, 35 40 years in the Congress, I immediately fault the community that elected him or her, NOT the Representative.

My point is, when Political officials repeat their roles in Congress, it isn’t their fault that they work the way they do, it is the PEOPLE’S FAULT for their contentment and ignorance for the way things work. It speaks to more than an accountability issue, it speaks to the role of the Politician and the definition of a Civic Position that anyone can turn a short term contribution to the American fabric for service and tool it into a permanent career with perks and benefits. To be a politician is suppose to be a "privilege" and not a RIGHT and once in, you do not have the RIGHT to be there until you RETIRE even more so, pass the position to family.

If you take out your wallet full with your life’s savings and you set it on a park bench and fall asleep, how can you possibly blame the World or even the thief for ripping you off? This is what Americans have been doing for years and keeping it even closer to HOME, Black folk have been doing this for years and complaining about it without action. This very argument is what fuels Black Conservative to associate with the Republican Party (Lord knows they never have an answer for me when I asks, why Republican when you could consider being an Independent?) because in that complacency within Black communities they see the Democratic Party capitalizing on it and profiting as well.

My experience working in Politics, my Representative and organizations would do everything but give away free money to get people involved or even INFORMED. Millions of dollars spent to inform American citizens on the comings and going, the defeats and wins of their local politicians cannot be calculated and yet Americans argue that they don’t know anything about their local officials. I won’t even diverge into my issues and reasons why people decide to NOT vote but whatever the reasons, it never makes sense. As a local activist, in order to get people to pay attention to what ails the community, one needs to spend thousands of dollars for a local radio station or park convention, free give-always, celebrities and sometimes a mini concert to inform them that, “YOUR HOUSE WILL BE KNOCKED DOWN TOMORROW AND WE NEED YOU TO HELP US KEEP YOU IN IT!!!” At which point shock, blame and anger ensues and a rush to replace Black Leaders as being incompetent, uppity, con-artist and self-serving or the Thanks but No Thanks for not getting their attention earlier.

Now I will fess up, there are some really trifling Politicians and community leaders out there BUT for the most part, they usually work within the limited resources that they have which would be a Community that is so disconnected with the WORK that the Politician has no choice but to uses their best judgment to make the HARD CHOICES. Which brings me to my next point, Black Folk have had a HANDS OFF treatment with their Politicians for YEARS and now that there is this rush to make a difference in this election of CHANGE (mind you it was an election of CHANGE in 2000 and 2004 when the same people today who are voting, pretty much haphazardly participated then) are demanding from their REPRESENTATIVES to do as "I SAY". There is this "I am in the Driver’s Seat" voter mentality when for years Black Folk rode like Mrs. Daisy. complaining all the way to the Service Entrance of the White House. Then there is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of what a Super Delegate is, their role, and their individual RIGHTS and limitations as an INDEPENDENT VOTER, which are not bound by the DEMANDS of the Community.

So now we have a dilemma since the multiple term Politician was giving free reign to make policy (regardless if it was good or bad for the community) and is now FORCED almost threaten, to give up their FREE RIGHT to vote as their JUDGEMENT would be for the demands of the people he represent. One would argue, that for years free of NO OVERSIGHT, to do this one thing for the community is a good trade off and yet it is still a violation of the rules and standards of the democratic process, especially since he or she has done their job as well as any politician could accomplish with the resources, or lack there of, for years.

My understanding of this all is this; a Political Position is NOT a Career. These are Civic roles people play for a short period of time and anyone in office more than 2 terms should be questioned and anything more than 4 terms should be suspect. No matter how well a job the Politician does, an American Man or Woman should not hold that type of Power that long. To add, any community that allows this to happen in their community should be suspect and held accountable for corrupting the Democratic system.

Black folk are only at the crest of understanding this but they are getting there. Unfortunately they may get there with a lot of Political Blood being shed. Those that make up the National Black Caucus do need a good cleansing, possible DRY CLEANING with extra starch and pressing BUT we also need to look at the labels and see if the fabric of who they are REQUIRE that type of treatment or just a good home grown HAND WASHING. I have my opinions on a few but like I said, I can only do my part locally.

I think it is too late to TEACH Black folk as a whole how putting Super Delegates on a WATCH isn’t the answer before the Presidential election, considering that there are over 700 Super Delegates and Blacks make up less than 90. Subtract the Latino, Native America, Asian and Women and you are left with WHITE MALES in huge numbers. If the Super Delegate voting is of major concern, I THINK YOU NEED TO PUT SOME WHITE FACES UP ON THAT LIST. The light from the Watchtower (not to be confused with the Jehovah’s Witnesses conversion material) shines on EVERYONE. If Black folk are willing to BEAT UP on the Black Delegates then they need to get MIKE TYSON on the others as well.

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NikkiJ said...

If only there were some words other than "wake UP" that could get us to recognize our responsibility towards our communities and to act on that. If we had one more term of the Bush monarchy, maybe this agony would jump start the comatose minds out there. We must also eliminate devious programming. Funny you should mention Jehovah's Witnesses. In their Watchtower and "Kingdom Halls" they teach their followers not to vote because God frowns upon our participation in the goings on of government policy. Keep ranting, I'm listening, but truth be told, we need a miracle.