Saturday, February 2, 2008


I never understood the desperation by which people aspire to be famous. There was a time where there were shows on PBS and the ABC After School Specials (yeah I know, I'm dating myself with that one) where the overall theme was to, “Be yourself”. Some show themes talked about how loosing your identity can do my damage to you and your family than friends than all the fame in the world. People like Brittney Spears being shipped to the CRAZY HOUSE, ACTIVE THREATS against OJ Simpson, OVERDOSING of Heath Ledger, you ask yourself how much of your soul to you sell for that kinda life?

Well in the business, STARS rise and stars fall. They get up there again but at some point they implode and become nothing more than echoes in the sky.

The STAR JONES SHOW has been cancelled. He’s what they say in Reuters edition Jan. 31, 2008:

"Due to the re-branding and programming refocus of the network, truTV and Star Jones Reynolds have mutually agreed to cease production of 'The Star Jones Show,"' said a memo from Marc Juris, executive vice president and general manager of the channel formerly known as Court TV.

The show, which began in August, showcased Reynolds' work as a TV host and former lawyer. She will remain with the network as a contributor to the channel's trial coverage."

Two things. They are actually re-tooling the image of truTV (and by the way, what F&*%’ing idiot came up with that TAG?) or the STAR JONES SHOW was so bad and a drain on the budget that to just come out and say the FAT LADY (I mean the simmer and more slimmer LADY) just hit her last note and its time to “EXIT, STAGE RIGHT”.

I would bet on the latter. I watched STAR’s show and I honestly gave her my support and prospers. I like a good comeback story, especially how ABC did her. In recent Blogs such as You Should Have Learned Your ABC's, posted on Yahoo360’s Blog site on June 13, 2007, I detailed the cold decisions that Entertainment and Media, specifically ABC, can make at the expense of the bottom line or personal feelings. In light of ABC's diminishing number of Black Actors and non-existing News and National Corespondents, actors like Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy), Star Jones (The View), Taye Diggs (Day Break) and Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives) have come and quickly gone on to where most Black actors go until someone at a desk in Hollywood feels the pressure to show some Color in a project. So in my support of the underdog I watched the STAR JONES SHOW and watched and watched and then I started to yawn. That was all SHE WROTE. I started to get the STAR TREATMENT; attitude, Star’isms, personal rants and if I hear one more time about WHAT HER GRANDMA told here or scolded her about I was going to scream. Maybe she should have ignored Grandma more and did what was needed and kept the show a legitimate LEGAL SHOW. The show started to become everything that people turned off to when she was on The View.

When Star dropped knowledge it was for the better. It initially was advertised as a place to get legal information from. It was also suppose to be a show with "a little of this and a little of that." RED FLAG !!! But I still had love for my STAR. I recall an earlier show where she discussed A Patients Bill of Rights, the rights of a patient to keep their medical records secure and private. After that show I began to pull that knowledge into play and got very positive results. There were other shows that talked about money issues, credit protection, false arrests, orders of protection and a personals legal right to act against Credit Card Companies. Shows like "When is it right to sue your family when they steal your identity?" There were a few great legal stories up in her lineup that I made sure I recorded or jotted down the details, but that other SHYT? What was that all about?

OJ Simpson, Brittney Spears, Kidnapped Babies, Wives disappearing (when we all know the HUSBAND DID IT), it was the same TV that many people turn to cable to escape. Star Jones went from Lawyer Girl to Gossip Girl in a matter of three months. The format kept changing, o’ Girl kept trying new things out; there were very few ONE ON ONES. I mean where were the exclusive Celebrity Contract Disputes, the CEO’s caught with their hands in the cookie jars, where were the pieces on WHERE ARE THE GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATE WHISTLE BLOWERS NOW? How about a step-by-step list on what to do when you WIN the lottery? I mean there was so much a person can do and all I got was ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT meets TMZ meets THE COCHRAN GROUP. In essence, there was too much FAT and not enough LEAN.

STAR STAR STAR … you should know about getting rid of the FAT GIRL SNACKS, the Fluff and Sweets, the salt and grease. After a few months the show started to get REAL MESSY especially with the exclusive OJ Simpson coverages. That was the final sign that the show was doomed to fail. It would have been a BOLD STATEMENT to NOT cover that bogus trial. Star Jones told us she would be directly involve in all aspects of the show. Maybe she needed a little HANDS OFF TREATMENT with this one. I don’t want to hate too much cause I like you Star (and based upon the people I talk to – Sistahs included, they ain’t feelin you too much) I want you to bounce … I mean get back in the saddle. Not the one you got at home for your FREAK FELLAH I mean back in front of the camera so we can REALLY SEE the legal mind your have. People need more of that then all the Celebrity CRAP truTV or LawTV or whatever they want to call it now tried to spoon-feed instead of a bogus recipe on how to bring down the HEAVENS and a STAR.

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