Thursday, February 21, 2008


Dreaming of seven cows of plenty,
Consumed by seven cows of famine,
Complexed and perplexed
The Knower of All,
The Keeper of Knowledge,
Pharaoh happened upon a chanced fantasia.
A euphoria,
Dancing like mists of silhouette tapestry,
Woven by the Gods
Of air, earth, fire and water.
Pharaoh, on a cold and arid night,
Was mystified by feelings of inadequacy.
This emphirial enigma,
The Dream.
Pharaoh peered, pondered, and prodded
Magical mages and scared sanctums
Of this moment of meticulous movement.
For he had to know
The answers to this dream most undream like.

A man of the wakened world
Stepped forth from the land of God.
True Hebrew.
True Joseph.
He taught the lessons of the dream.
He said, " The meat of plenty shall feed the people of the few."
Thus it was told.
Thus it was learned.
"They will suckle from the breasts' of their mothers and taste the milk
of Isis, daughter of creation" Joseph sang.
"A goddess to nourish what the soul will crave."
Pharaoh sighted the seven cows of famine.
Joseph then shared, " Seven seven your land will rule,
Seven years fat,
Seven years thin."

And with a signet ring
Joseph was created equal to the land of Egypt.
A union most sacred was formed.
For the Gods did leave for seven by way of the Nile.
All people dreamt dreams of fat cows
For seven of seven.
And famine, seven more of seven.
But Egypt did not weep.
She smiled upon the land,
And embraced her freedom from the Gods.
I know this to be true,

For I write with scroll and pen.

The Dream by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim


Son of a Bishop said...

Very nice blogsite man; I am saving you to my favorites.

You nailed it about the election on One Man's Opinion blogsite.

Desy said...

why is it i always find myself here, but i never comment?

I love your ink- very moving

Shazza Nakim said...

Thank you for coming by and Tagging my blog. As a side bar ... I wrote this poem just before Bush jr. was elected and I predicted he'd be in Office for two terms.

I wanted to make a point to Black Americans that if they did not take advantage to the past 7 years economic progress, that the next 7 will be of serious consequence, one of direct attack on the Black Community and poor.

Since Bush was running with an Evangelical Base, I used a common tale shared by Christian, Moslem and Jewish teachings to get my point across.

dejanae said...

u r too deep for
cuz i for sure would not have come up with anything remotely resembling this
love the explanation

jjbrock said...

Poet, this is good.