Monday, February 18, 2008


I am not one to take Online Polling Test that determines who I am most like or what my interests are. Usually they are a little off and in some cases total opposite what you think the results would be. Then again, there are some psychological exams that get deep into a person's conscious/subconscious mind and allows for one's true Character to be seen.

I watched a CNN News Report on how scientist wired up people to a monitor while they watched the Political Debates. With each person, their statements all showed opposite to their initial chooses for political Candidates. We found that Women whom liked Hillary upon watching Obama speak, liked him more. Men who liked Hillary disliked her when she smiles or laughed but enjoyed her most when she was confrontational. These examples were all emotional results and not based on any logic or rational thought which ultimately should be the end result of any decision.

So I got this Online Polling Test and to my interest, I polled in the Right Party but the Wrong Politician. Now my confidence is SHATTERED.

NOT !!!

Take the test and see what you get.

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