Sunday, February 3, 2008


No sooner than I send off STAR JONES and close the door, Montel Williams gets my attention as he asks for his hat and coat to leave as well. My BLACK TV HOST PARTY is starting to get smaller.

Montel Williams is the latest casualty of the Iraq Invasion and the FOX Network. Montel the ex-Marine, Rodeo Clown, National Syndicated Talk Show Host, Spokes Person for (MS) Multiple Sclerosis, Spokes Person for Partnership for Prescription Assistance, Speaker of Veterans’ Rights and now recently fired from the FOX Network.

Lets just detail how this happened:

"Shortly before Fox-owned and operated television stations in major markets terminated Montel's talk-show contract, Montel appeared in an interview on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends, and was asked to discuss Heath Ledger's death. He used the interview to point out that TV networks had continued to extensively cover Mr. Ledger's death while ignoring the deaths of 28 US soldiers in Iraq since the beginning of the year. Montel expressed sympathy for Mr. Ledger's family and remorse for his passing but also encouraged the three interviewers to recognize the absence of coverage for the US soldiers killed in Iraq. The interviewers sought to point out that their audience wanted celebrity news and it was more interesting than soldier deaths. Montel suggested that US news networks had the capacity to lead the country's attitudes by placing more importance on US deaths in Iraq than the deaths of celebrities. Montel noted that he had awoken that morning very saddened by the unknown names of those slain in Iraq and was further saddened when he could not find their names on the web.

Three minutes into this awkward segment on Fox, one host cut off Montel in order to go to a commercial. Montel did not return after the break

Four days later, after 17 years as a television host, Montel lost his job. The SPIN is that Montel Williams quit. I find it hard to believe that a man of his caliber, with the OUTREACH of a NATIONALLY syndicated show and the causes he support would QUIT. Last I checked, Marines don’t QUIT.

I am not a big Montel Williams fan. I won’t front and say I never was but like all things, some of his personal philosophies rubbed hard against many of my beliefs. Personally I feel many of his Montel’isms are a product of his military career (which in itself is a unique ideology) and choices in his personal life. But that is the beauty in GOD’s creation, we are all uniquely different individuals and thus the spirit of a MAN allows for civilized co-existence or at least in the United States the Right to agree to disagree without fist-to-cuffs. Regardless of my indifference to Montel Williams, I don’t like when people get JACKED and AXED for speaking Truth. The MAN SPOKE truth and for it, he is not necessarily SILENCED but is stabbed at his reputation and the money he makes. You see most people fear for their lives but WEALTHY people fear POVERTY more. To go for the pockets/pocketbooks is the standard for silencing the wealthy and FOX decided to go that routine which as far as I'm concern will be a practice of the past come election time.

I recall a speech made several years ago where the topic was BUYING BLACKS OUT OF THEIR COMMUNITIES. The speaker spoke on how various annals of America tease and titillate the most talented in BLACK communities with promises of Money, Political Influence (never any real Power), Fame and Beauty. The speaker also detailed a number of Blacks whom had taken the APPLE FROM THE TREE and decided to share that knowledge or speak for those they had left behind and the actions taken to bring them down and or silenced before they succeeded. He had also detailed those that currently are riding the wave of success and in Black’s praise of them, only time will show if they will compromise or reach out to help others rise as well. So far, they haven’t. Montel wasn’t on that short list but the events of his show’s cancellation clearly details how much loyalty one has for the TRUTH and the extent THE POWERS THAT BE would go to destroy it.

Lately Montel Williams have gone public to discuss his objection to Obesity, Child Abuse, Internet Predators, Holistic Living, Detoxing of the Body, making the names of Military Officers Public, the effects of Poverty in Relation to Crime and many more social concerns. With his Talk Show as a venue for discussion, it was only a matter of time before the FOX Network saw fit to cancel his show. It’s like that one person at work that gets all the accolades. As long as he/she doesn’t affect the Boss or Supervisor they are safe. Bring attention that their performance is better or more efficient, they are gone because of some minor infraction. Montel, not wanting to talk about a dead man and the details of his death before an autopsy was done was a fair and respectful as well as an honorable thing to do. His Momma taught him well.

Am I upset that his show was cancelled. Not really, I didn’t watch it and yet it does not take away from the fact that others did and that Montel Williams did serve a purpose and regardless of my personal feelings toward him, I’d still call on him to do GREAT THINGS in my community. He’s a Good Man and FOX doesn’t want Good Men, they only want SHEEP. Last time I checked, the Marines Don’t Do Sheep.

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One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay, so you are telling me that after this segment you just showed, and they said that they would be back with more Montel Williams, that they never actually came back with him? That's funny. I had no idea that he was going off the air, not that I watch his show anyway. Still, I do agree with you. I find it hard to believe that the man quit...It is just not part of his make-up (unless he was standing up for something). The truth will come out eventually. It always does.