Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I watched, I yawned and I didn't learn anything more than I did the day before. No one talked about the DEEPER ISSUES that people are concerned about. No urban and rural policy conversations and what about FOOD RECALLS? We can forget about either one getting into the issues that will help people sleep well at night so no more debates for me. The most we got was a Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam SCARE (cause you know how White Folk and Jews fear him) and possibly how to pronouce the name of the NEW leader of Russia. My predictions after this debate; Obama 63% and Clinton 37% in OHIO and Clinton 54% and Obama 46% in Texas. the issue we all will be pulled through the MUD with is the N.O.I. and Farrakhan endorsement, SO PEOPLE, PLEASE TAKE THAT RED PILL, THE MEDIA IS ABOUT TO MIND FUQ YOU ALL WITHOUT LUBE ALL THE WAY INTO INSANITY.

Now that that is out of the way, found this LOCAL Internet Radio Show called THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN POLITICAL PUNDIT. I took a while to check it out and found that this was a really good resource for a variety of opinions. The show is scheduled and the host allows for people to call in and participate. The most recent show was very good and drop some interesting behind the scenes from a Black American point of view.
Check it out and add him to your blogsphere or blogroll.

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