Wednesday, February 20, 2008


OK, I just posted something not long ago about how intelligent (BLACK) people today can not open their mouth without someone trying to "break down" what they REALLY MEAN. Then there are the people who try and READ in-between lines where none exist. Sometimes a sentence is just what it is, a simple and direct statement of a PERSON, PLACE, THING or EVENT. Lets just look at a SIMPLE STATEMENT that Michelle Obama said recently:
"For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country," she told a Milwaukee crowd today, "because it feels like hope is making a comeback."

Now this is the SPIN the "ANALYST" got from the statement:
A lot of Republicans, and Democrats, and Independents will be surprised to learn that pre-Obama, there was no reason to be proud of America. Probably she didn't mean that. But what did she mean?


There was no distortion in Michelle Obama's words, she said what was EXACTLY on her mind. She stated that, "For the first time" she was PROUD of her country. And you know what ... MAYBE SHE WAS. No one can dictate how and when or even HOW MUCH pride a person can have living in the United States. She is a Black woman with a history that might be tragic or unforgiving, or fill with individual happy moments with no NATIONAL PRIDE? It can happen and for many People of Color and the poor, it is a reality. That was and is her experience to decide but like all things Media and Pundit, it has to be analyzed.
On the other hand John McCain's wife (in her SHADY BEHIND THE SCENES WAY) tried to make light of Michelle Obama's statement by saying, "I don't know about you, BUT I have always been PROUD to be an American".

Well Mrs. Cindy Hensley McCain, you may come from a place of Privilege. If you line up your family tree, I am quite sure the roots you lived sucked deep from the BLOOD of the Poor and even deeper from the practices of capitalism, segregation, discrimination and slavery. I guess you do have PRIDEFUL MOMENTS.
I respect what Stanley Crouch, a Moderate-Conservative Columnist of the Daily News said about the whole Michelle Obama issue. He stated, "Strong contenders too often bring out all of the worst qualities in their weaker opponents. One of the very worst qualities is hysteria and the desperation that will seek out a bucket of mud when confronted with a desert of sand. That is what we see happening with Barack Obama right now because he is drawing the kinds of criticisms that should not even be part of our politics. We must speak of him and his wife as a team since the opposition is so spooked that it will attack any target, which is why a tempest in a rusty teapot was brewed about Michelle Obama's supposed lack of patriotism." I couldn't agree more.
MICHELLE OBAMA said what was on her mind the way she wanted to say it and how she wanted to say it. Last I checked, this award winning and honored and respected certified lawyer, lecturer and spokesperson knows how to speak ENGLISH. THERE NEEDS TO BE NO BREAKING DOWN OF THE WORDS. SHE IS PROUD FOR THE FIRST TIME DAMN IT !!! Now move on and drop the NON-ISSUE.


NikkiJ said...

They just don't, won't get it. Sad part is, we shouldn't need an analyst to point out what you have here.

I enjoyed your comment to Homer'sCoPilot.

dejanae said...

take her words at face value and k.i.m.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I'm gonna post on this and the one below if that is alright. First of all, Of course it is easy for McCain's wife or any other white person to say How they have always been proud to be an American. It has always been easy for them to be American, but it is steal hard, sometimes, to be black in America. And that want change even if Obama wins.

Two, I love the post. You know that newcaster thought my brother was stupid. You just know that he picked him out because he saw how he was dressed and thought he was gonna say "I's gonna vote for Obama because he is black like me." Good job, my brother. I couldn't have answered any better myself. Seriously, I couldn't. Thought I was stupid, indeed.

James Tubman said...

you are so right man

every single black person has a right to be angry and ashamed by the behavior of the government of the united states from it's inception until today

we don't have to appologize for that PERIOD

Rodney said...

Well said!

I just want Cindy to go back to modeling for the Price is Right showcase. I swear she looks like the lady that sued the show for firing her old ass.

jjbrock said...

Poet I like the way you broke this down. I agree with you 100%. They need to leave Michele along. I know what she meant. Cindy and the other talking heads will never get it.

Anonymous said...

The concept of pride is wrong. What is pride? You can have pride in your own accomplishments or in the accomplishments of others who have been influenced by you. Having pride in a country is ridiculous.

However, this is of course not how people think. They do have group pride, whether it is based along national, racial, or other tribal-like grounds. More interestingly, the USA is one of the few countries in the world that has been a tremendous force of good in the world (and yes, that includes "capitalism"). Unfortunately blacks were treated horrendously, and black people alive today are still disadvantaged in a way, because culture is sticky. If only people stopped seeing themselves as race first, which will of course never happen.

As a black woman who identifies herself as black first, not human, Ms. Obama, affirmative action all the way through school, is just saying what's on her mind. And Americans don't really like it, because they feel America is a force of good. They'll be finding out there's a lot of people who dislike white America, amongst which certainly left-wing blacks.