Monday, February 18, 2008


What is interesting is that people are clueless as to what they are eating, where their food comes from, how it is handled simply what is in it. I'll talk about the Beef Recall a little later once I gather a little more info but for now lets talk about the other major concern in America, Honey Bees are dying.
So you say, so what? I hate bees anyway. The truth of the matter is, the Honey Bee is part of the foundation of life. Without them, 80% of the foods you eat will is affected to the point of non-existence.

What is happening to the American Honey Bee for there to be a Government order to investigate? Hundreds of thousands of bees are dying and scientists are dumbfounded at the root cause. These bees help to pollinate the flowers and plants needed to build our food chain. The bee also help with the procreation of flowers and plants and trees. They are as much a part of our food chain as they are for other animals and insects that depend up them and yet they are dying in vast numbers.

OK let me being it closer to home, Häagen-Dazs and Ben and Jerrys have issued a State of Emergency because the natural flavors that they use from fruits and berries are at an all time decline because the bees that pollinate these plants and trees are either dying or the numbers are so low, that they can not get to them all. This drives prices up for ingredients due to the demand or the need to import or the honest consideration to look at substitutes. Either way, prices will go up.

OK so you don’t eat ice cream? Look at all the fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets and corner stores and if you don’t eat fresh, look at your frozen and canned foods. The lack of bee decreases the availability of those foods. You use honey for tea? Gone. Love your Chocolate Candy and Red Roses? Gone. You use honey for cooking? Gone. Have medical problems resistance and immunity, asthma, musculoskeletal disorders? No bees. For naturalist you’d have to pay top dollar for medicines which can be toxic to your system. You hate Wasps? Get use to more. Wasps and bees keep the balance in nature and do the same things but the Honey Bees also keep the wasp numbers low as a natural checks and balance system in the wild.

Scientist are speculating that “Cell Phones” and their signals may play a part in the decrease of the bee population. Others argue that there is a possible virus affecting their numbers. Then on the fringes of the debate argue pesticides are the true killers of the bee. I would argue the latter because just the other day the NEWS reported there is a massive decrease in the number of BATS in New York State. Unlike the assumed myth that bats feed on the blood of animals, they actually eat pollen, nectar, seeds and insects. So if insects are sick and dying, it would be simple math that the BATS that eat them would also be sick and dying.

Part of the nature of who we are as Black people is deep within our being, we know that we are all connected and that connection is to the Earth. Once you disrupt the natural order of things, nature will right itself often with devastating results. Even if the results being the elimination of an entire species. I am not referring to the elimination of Bees and Bats, I am talking about Humans for their ignorance and disconnect with the land.

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