Tuesday, November 8, 2016


 So ... here I am standing in front of my ballot and thinking ... I never heard any Plans or details throughout the whole campaign. I still don't know what Hillary's plans are for our involvement in the Middle East, economic and fiscal issues with China, Great Britain, Israel, Cuba, the Congo and other military spots involved within Africa, the re-structuring of education, tax cuts and or increases, she stated she wasn't for ObamaCare, then she was for it and then she is all about re-structuring it ... still don't know the details. I haven't heard anything about Wall Street's role in giving back the rest of the funds (all the ill gained interest) from the bailout, I haven't heard anything about the continued investigations and lawsuits from the people/banks that orchestrated the crash, we already know how she feels about Land Rights and Treaties broken and thus dishonored the Native Peoples but what about Puerto Rico? What about Haiti? " I heard the "apology" for her role in Mass Incarceration but what about her plan to undo the damage? I already know that reparations will never be on the table for discussion.

What about those Drones where over 80% of the people killed are innocent civilians; men, women, children and the sick and elderly that couldn't and can't move? What is her jobs plan besides piggybacking on Obama's plan (obstructed for years) which is to create MORE Government Jobs? Didn't we see how disastrous that was during the 1990's. What was her Private Sector Plan? I am not even going to ask about Trump because he has no Plan just that it will be a "Great Plan" and Publicly
stated he is going to "wing the Presidency" with statements like "What do you have to loose?". Now that we have seen all the hate seeded and nurtured during this campaign, I heard no statement on how to deal with it outside platitudes. Is there even Plan?

Throughout this whole campaign, the only two people whom addressed NATIONAL PLANS and DOCTRINES where Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. Not one candidate GOP or DEM even made a statement or a plan on what they want to accomplish in detail for the United States. Not one New Deal or an Old Deal. Even Trump has fallen flat and he is suppose to be the "DEAL MAKER". They all spoke in generalities and cliche but none had PLANS. Am I to assume that we are to do "more of the same", because the same is what and how we got here. I am not feeling it. I am not comfortable. Maybe, as Malcolm X stated, "We are chumps". And while I am on the subject ..... WHO THE F@&#$ ARE THESE OTHER MOFO's ON THE BALLOT !!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS BEGGIN' CONGRESSMAN, SENATOR, JUDGE, LOCAL BOARD, NONE OF THESE @#%$-ASS MOFO'S ARE. THEY DIDN'T CAMPAIGN, WALK MY STREET, NO FLYERS, MAIL BOX STUFFING, NO SNAGGLE-TOOTH T-SHIRT WEARING POLLSTER TRYING TO GET ME TO LOOK AT THEM SERIOUSLY OR A CHEAP ASS POLITICAL AD ..... AND YOU ALL PROPPED YOUR POLITICALLY RATCHET ASS RIGHT UNDER HILLARY CLINTON .... ??? WHERE IS MY #@&%'n WRITE-IN BALLOT ?!?!?!?! "

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