Friday, July 29, 2016


What is currently in places is only maintaining the order for the Established/Congress in status quo/quid pro quo politics. The thing with all of this FEAR is that the wealthier you are, the less it concerns you and Americans exist in a "better off than you" state of mind.

I just got off the phone from an interview about vaccinations in Africa. I basically stated that its not vaccines that are the problem but what vaccines are being administered? What is on that list being sent to Africa and why? And are any of them banned from the US and Europe but aren't in places like Africa? Who signs off on them being administered in Africa? The Side-Effects and overall profits made from a bad drug used on poor and African peoples? The system will continue there and here and unless Black and Brown people are made priority (which they won't) everything you are FEARFUL of won't make the positions of Black and Brown people more equal, just more accessible for those with wealth and influence if you play the Game.

Gains in the system are only based upon what is done on a grassroots level. The Bernie of Bust people who sacrifice to to both challenge and even attack the system. All of those positions you suggested are and will be filled with ESTABLISHMENT people whom trade positions like playing cards. You might get one or two that are legitimate but overall, its about maintaining Power and Influence. Deep down you know this but you HOPE that it will change.

Just as a matter of Political Fact and History, over the past 20 years, every issue that Americans (Black Americans) were fearful of and voted for their Politicians to end .... actually became reality. This is true for both Republicans and Democrats. No one Party separately or collectively has created a solution. This election will ultimately be more of the same with Black People having even less direct influence on the system .... UNLESS .... you are down with it.

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