Monday, December 5, 2016


If you are a person of Good Conscious and Justice I need your help and it would only take less than 10 minutes of your life. I need you to recognize the overt bias Google displays on the Internet. I need you to TYPE in Googles Images Search Engine "Sexy Black Moms" and then do the same search for "Sexy White Moms". I have to warn you in advance, the images are graphic and disturbing. This isn't a joke nor am I making an argument limiting Free Speech ... my issue is about "blatant bias and misrepresentation" by Google and using its "analytical programming" as an excuse. Several years ago I did this for Black Child vs White Child and African Child vs other Children of different Nationalities the results were similar. In that campaign I and millions contact Google on their Bias and Racism practices and they changed their search engine to reflect a BETTER REPRESENTATION of searches for Black Children. One would have hoped that these change would be unilateral but it wasn't. Regardless if the omission was by Google's corporate ignorance and ethical conscious or blatant neglect, this isn't new for Google and it seems to be ongoing. Now back 4 years later and we are asking people of good conscious to do this all over again.

So here is the 10 minutes of your time needed for this Campaign. Start with calling Google with a well thought out complaint at 866-246-6453 or 650-253-0000. You can also call 877-355-5787 and if you know peoples outside the US call 1 646-257-4500. Google has a formal Legal Removal Request form that should be filed by as many people as possible. A record MUST be made and on the backend, we will have others that will handle any legal pressures so that they understand that Bias, Prejudice and Racism is not going to be Normal in our lives. 

Go to the following link and then select: App Engine & Compute Engine. You can write in your complaint as well. Call and Write. For every 1 complaint it is equivalent to 10,000 people. A call and email from one person increases the accountability the Google MUST respect. 

1. Go to the Google Search Engine homepage
2. Go to the lower Right of the page and select "SETTINGS"
3. Select "Send Feedback"
4. Type (Copy and Paste if necessary) the following within the dialogue space the following:

"I am writing to you about the unethical, bias and Racist representation of Black Peoples within your Search Engine analytic software. This has been an ongoing issue with Google and you have not unilaterally addressed it to its proper resolution. In speaking with several of your Google Female Employees, when asked for them to do the search themselves, they too were offended by the lack of ethics Google has displayed on this subject. As per this site's request, I have attached the nature of my complain. As a customer/non-customer, there is no answer or response that can justify this blatant bias and racist act. I demand that this be addressed for both Black Woman and Black Men."

5. Attach a Screenshot of your Google search of SEXY BLACK MOMS
6. Follow up with a call to 650-253-0000 and ask to be directed to their Voice Feedback line and leave a detailed message of your anger over this.

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