Tuesday, November 22, 2016


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Here is the issue with people complaining, advertising negative comments and memes on the Internet or just airing their frustrations about Trumps' Cabinet appointments ..... if you ask people the questions, WHAT IS A PRESIDENTIAL CABINET ... they can't tell you. If you ask, WHAT ARE THE AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR EACH CABINET POSITION .... that they don't know. And if you ask, WHO ARE THE CURRENT CABINET MEMBERS OF THE UNITED STATES .... again you will get a blank stare. You can't call yourself a "concerned American citizen" if your existence is founded in ignorance. If anything, you are more dangerous to Progress if you are. This and many other examples is evidence of a National HANDS OFF approach to Politics in the United States practiced for decades. How this past campaign and election season did more in exposing a Nation's collective ignorance than any other time in history. The true winner of this past Presidential election wasn't Donald Trump, it was The Boogieman. We might think everything that Donald Trump represents is the end of life as we know it but the truth is, we are at the midnight hour and hearing every noise and seeing every shadow as the THING COMING TO GET US; scared to look in the closet, under the bed or look out of the window. A Nation is still covering its head and cowering in its complacency. 

Fear was what was rammed into the American consciousness on a Global Level regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and even in the side sequel of Bernie Sanders for his misrepresentation of being a Communist. And in place of confidence and the courage to face our manufactured "Fear", collectively we are screaming for someone to come turn on the lights to chase away a darkness that has always existed (in America) and will always be that other half that is in our closet that will never go away" In a good Horror Show, only the smart one's survive. Everyone else is ripe for slaughter and consumption. Stop being sheep and become the wolf in your Political and Civil Awareness. Just as your parent told you as a child, "There is no such thing as The Boogieman.

This is Truth. 

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