Friday, March 3, 2017


I triple dog dare 45 to attend a funeral for nine (yes nine) victims of a race-driven mass murder inside a Charleston, South Carolina church. I want him to stand at the pulpit of Mother Emmanuel and speak from his heart to a child or wife or sister wrapped in misery. I dare 45 to speak from his heart about a Mosque being fire-bombed or two innocent Indian people being terrorized for being from another country or a Jewish cemetery being vandalized ...

Then, after speaking from his heart, I wanna feel 45 so moved to solo on an acapella opening of Amazing Grace. I want a deacon, also moved by the spirit, to get his back and exhort, "take yo' time" ... as the entire congregation stands and sings in unison. Then, and ONLY then, can we can talk about the first two vocabulary letters in the word, "Presidential."

Rather than analyze the content of 45's TelePrompTer lip sync, Van Jones got caught up in theatrics and (of) low expectations. Wrong on so many levels. Reading is NOT an accomplishment and every line is not an applause line. How could one person not shout, "YOU LIE!"? - Mark Lassiter

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