Friday, July 8, 2016


I haven't posted or gone into deep conversation on the two recent Police Killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The idea of moving my consciousness to adjust to reasoning critically has hit the proverbial brick wall. It is not moving because there is no where else you can go. The reality is brutal. Much like Jessie Williams statement on the backlash and critics, "It was the same a month ago, it was the same last week and frankly, its boring getting upset over it when the result will be the same." Today a young Black woman, in the middle of a Union Square New York City rally, which proceeded into a march, yelled, "When are we going to stop marching. My feet and my back hurt from the last one." And yet her words were drowned out by the crowd with "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE". Eventually, she fell in line and took to the streets of Manhattan chanting the universal war-cry of Black Lives Matter, "WHOSE STREETS, OUR STREETS". This isn't new. This is all part of script most would say. The need and desire to move the line eventually stays stagnant for more of the same. More words. More hope and a lot more marching. What was even more of a step back from the events is the fact that along the outside, the police had full control in containing the outrage. This too, is script. Containment and Control.

At the end of the day, these two young men are dead and still others want to talk about Chicago when we know about Chicago and are working to end that but today, we are talking about Innocent and Non-Violent peoples deaths by those that were suppose to Protect them. My issue today and always has been with the GOOD COPS THAT STAY SILENT. If "guilty is the new innocent" for Politicians and corrupt business people, then "silence is the new activism" for the GOOD COP. Good Cops know they are too cowardly silent on there FRAT BOYS. And if they don't know, that is a conscious choice to pave a non-involvement journey until retirement; all on the tax payers dime regardless if they get the opportunity to shoot them or not. 

The solution isn't the burden of the People but those that know the Wild Cards, the Racist, the Mentally Unstable and Irresponsible within their ranks. When you can't and don't simply say .... we have people whom are wrong, were wrong and he/she needs to be removed for our force ... Good Cops cosign on the damage done to lives and communities from harassment to unwarranted Stops and Frisks, to Wrongful Convictions to Wrongful Incarcerations. The silence makes every Good Cop, no matter if they are in the majority, equally guilty and dangerous. It doesn't matter if you aren't from the same group or precinct ... you are the problem and the coward for standing by and watching mothers and fathers bury their child because he was selling CD's of his music or driving legally, or playing with their friend, walking down a street, waiting for their child in a mall, buy food at a restaurant, or simply sitting in a park to relax.

I will say, for the 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement .... if I don't see or hear an Official Statement on the problems you experience, face, administer and know exist, don't expect my support and or backing .... because when I see advertisements for CPR, images of Police kumbaya holding hands in solidarity, murals on walls in my neighborhood and actions opposite what is portrayed live , opposite was I actually see on my streets ... you might as well rename yourselves "The 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement That Bail Cotton, Sing Songs And Hide In Shadows When Its Time To Clear Your Throats And Speak Up". So until NEXT WEEK when some officer kills another innocent Black Child .... you know what? I don't want to see you because it boring and I want to see something NEW and worthy of my humanity.

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