Friday, September 2, 2016


It doesn't matter if Obama believes in reparations or not, no President of the United States has and this includes the current candidates running for POTUS; Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What matters is do Black folk believe in it and the collective actions and work to make it a reality. Jews have done this and are continuing to build their collective wealth with reparations. Those whom have acquired it in the past are working towards expanding access to all avenue of restitution and appeasement for past wrongs. Blacks have yet to build an effective coalition to address reparations within the United States and globally, each Black community is working independently to build its own and unique base of operation on the issues centering on reparations for past wrongs. As for a myopic approach to the subject within the United States,  nothing has effectively been done in a collective to make the demand to make CONGRESS address this. Ultimately it is Congress that approves Reparations and into Law, not the President. Also, we have to be honest with ourselves as a Nation, Black folk NEVER officially asked President Obama to push for reparations. He was personally asked IF he believed in it. In all the 8 years of his term in office, no organization challenged Obama, in debate, in Congress, the Supreme Court, Wall Street or even Church and Religious institutions during the past 8 years and the only candidate that had addressed the question politically of reparations was Bernie Sanders whom Black folk raked across hot coals for his answer and yet gave Hillary a pass.

The fault isn't Obama's on the subject of Reparations, it is the lack of effort or seriousness of the Black Collective. If you are going to complain about it, fine. If you don't follow up with actions (and I have been hearing this complain for years) one would assume you don't really want it that bad.
AGAIN ... President Obama isn't the first nor is he or ever will be responsible for making it a reality, especially since he is well out of Office. Reparations is the Peoples' responsibility. This idea that Obama was to sit in office and do all the things that Black peoples wanted and or expected is the
problem with Politics; the Brand Recognition of Politics, Name Support and Group Think Politics. If you go back and examine past complaints and arguments on reparation ineptitude in Congress, Black folk forget that the Congressional Black Caucus should be that one significant group whose sole purpose it to get this issue done. No other purpose should matter until this is resolved in Congress. I made it clear that CONGRESS is responsible for Reparations; The Legislative Branch. Congress is the purse holder and gatekeeper of funds regulated for reparations. Congress controls the Presidents budget. So to ask and or demand that President Obama makes Congress release whatever backing for reparations not only is misdirected but it falters within reality that we have in this country Three Branches of Government meant solely as a Checks and Balance of Powers. Even if Obama agreed with Reparations (and to this day Blacks have collectively not defined what that would be) he couldn't even begin to make Congress address it when he couldn't even pass an effective JOBS BILL for nearly 6 years of his 8 years in the White House.

It doesn't matter WHO is in our corner as President, its the reality that only CONGRESS has to be. If Congress isn't on-aboard on all levels, then we are just talking to air. Also, the Jewish people have systematically infused their Reparations Agenda Internationally. In the US, we don't even have a local branch. So again .... misdirected anger when the problem is ourselves for not creating a Collective to address this towards the right people and placing direct pressure on president Obama to make it so.

Understand too, you need to get all 50 States (or at least 2/3 of them) to agree on reparations (in whatever form agreed upon) before it even gets to a President. And even if 2/3 agree, you still will have a strong contingency of lobbies and organizations, social groups, politicians and activist that will block and fights to prevent it. You will even have a team of "Coon and Cosigning" Black folk that will publicly advocate against it, many being wealthy and converted Black folk to the causes of the Anti-Reperationist. Eventually the decision will end up before the Supreme Court before any President can sign it into law. The best Obama can do it create a dialogue which he pretty much did briefly with his answer of non-support. It was "our" responsibility as Black folk to take him to task ... PUBLICLY for that answer and make him change his mind. Which we didn't.

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