Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As much as I try, my whole day had been completely thrown off. Those that know me, have known me as a child, to teenager, young adult, mature adult and now emerging into my years as an Elder know .... the one thing you do not do is attack or compromise my Intellect or my Character. I can allow for other affronts but those two things, I have zero tolerance for. I have walked away from "once in a lifetime" opportunities just because the INTEGRITY of my Character would have been in question and my parents have in "life" and in their "death" have made sure that this be my place in the Universe. Character and Integrity. Anyone that has followed me just on Social Media alone knows that my very purpose on it is to promote Character, Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability. And although others may not agree with me, I allow for myself to let people speak and be who they are.

My character was molded to be "unmovable" and "unshakable". You know where I stand and I stand with honor and dignity. When I talk about it, my passion can overcome my emotional state, which is why I don't do it Publicly or you'll see me become a blubbering idiot. You'll know that from my presence I will do the RIGHT thing, no compromise. This you would know and do know if you know me; be it friend, enemy or associate. That being said .... I was accused of Theft and Plagiarism and obviously from someone that "thought" they knew me. This person actually called me on the phone and accused me that my own crafted words, thoughts, philosophy and writings were stolen and manufactured by someone else. That all my nearly 40 years of personal, academic, professional and living philosophy to an area of expertise and my Career was lifted as if all that I am was sub par, low and needing of their words. That my personal skills as an intellectual and creative writer needed "borrowing". That in my HALF CENTURY PLUS years of existence on this Planet, one which I have circumvented in the pursuit of knowledge, needed hacking from someone else. I was accused of quoting and referencing myself as "stealing" and "copping" of another person .... which was them. CLEARLY ... this person does and did not know me, my background, my character, my integrity or the influence my presence have played in the World and the people that live on it. And yet, hours later, I still can't shake the negative energy that has come from the event.

I called my Mentor ... a person far wiser and experienced with life than I. He listened to my words and my anxiety over this and after about an hour of complete silence and patience and responded, "Do you need this person's approval or acknowledgement to be an intellectual or to continue to grow and expand your talents?" I said, "No." And my Mentor simply said, "Then Fuck 'em. Let's move forward and continue to build and improve our community that needs you more and in your RIGHT MIND. This is and will be what you will be engaged with as you make your mark upon this Planet. What you do ripples out. Some waves come back strong, some weak and some not at all. You are too intelligent not to know this. Why? Because you are a solution".

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