Saturday, April 23, 2016


Why do modern movements die? From a Western more Eurocentric perspective, fundamentally and on the Grassroots level, people see that in order to make the changes and move the general masses in an evolutionary, revolutionary "State of Being", it takes work. Not a monumental amount of Life Energy, but a shared amount of work such as a simple Phone Call, Attending a Meeting, Learning and Researching for 20 minutes, Showing up at an Information Rally, Voting, Passing out a Flyer or a Dozen, Taking a single interest on a single issue in a single community, Asking Questions and staying on top of it until there is an answer ..... these things are easy to do but they are also acts of consistency.

The general masses have no clue that if not for the Critical Masses ( i.e. the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture), their illusion of stability and livelihood would cease or as some people would coin, "Our Way of Life". They can never answer the question of "How did you get to this point?" They know where they are, but not how they arrived. Those that falter equally don't see that where they stand, is currently being eroded on all four sides including the ceiling. Where once there was glass that could be shattered, now is replaced by stone and mortar. This is how those that get excited about "Change" and "Hope" get misdirected and misinformed because they aren't use to doing the WORK that comes with that Change, thus their loss of Hope and then subscribe to their addiction to Complacency; their flavor of choice.

The true merit to being complacent or in giving up is that the loss isn't instant, its a slow burning death into obscurity and to them, those that are still in it become the envied and or the enemy to their decision to ignore the World around them. The Progressives or Critical Masses become the enemy and the Complacent, the victim. Especially for young people. If you ask many to just put away the Cameras and Selfie sticks and Video for their Social Media apps while being Activist and just "focus", they would see early that moving in a Progressive direction is a lifestyle and not a Fad, which is what Established Political Candidates and Politicians sell to the general masses. They all seem to have somewhere in their past, done something progressive once, but now they too have given into "the bliss".

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