Sunday, October 23, 2016



FIRST OF ALL, NATE PARKER DID NOT RAPE THAT WOMAN!  It was acknowledged in court documents by both sides, that she had consensual sex with Nate AFTER she claimed the assault happened! Although I am always apprehensive about accepting the mainstream media's definitions about what is considered a flop at the box office, I completely agree with the author about the role that those who called themselves "feminists," especially Black feminists, played in completely trying to destroy Nate Parker and his chances of having any success with this film. 

They immediately began to perpetuate some of the worsts stereotypes about Black men, such as "A BLACK MAN CAN'T EVER BE NOT GUILTY!" And the first mistake that was made was that they didn't even attempt to get all the facts of the case before speaking out against it! How the hell do you write about a case that has already happened? There is something called Transcripts and before recklessly writing about a court case they should of gotten off gotten off their asses and dug through those transcripts! And the first place they should have started with is the summations of the prosecutor and the defense! That will usually lay out much of the arguments and evidence that came out in court. In the prosecutor's closing arguments he acknowledged that the woman had consensual sex with Nate hours after she claimed the rape happened. So this girl claimed to have some memory of being "raped" by two Black men, but yet the first thing that she does after that is wakes up in the morning and decides to have consensual sex with Nate! 

Black feminists simply immediately allowed their politics to be defined by what happens when white women accuse white men of rape. But the complete reverse is true when white women accuse Black men of rape! A Black man doesn't even ever have to have seen her in order to be convicted of raping her! That happened all the time! How the hell is that not part of the rape culture narrative? How does anyone calling themselves themselves a Black feminist ignore that? You don't need any kind of evidence to convict a Black person of anything -- least of all a Black man. Now I'm not saying that a Black man can't be guilty of raping a white woman, but what one should always do before accusing anyone of anything, is to try to get the facts of the case, and that means gathering information from both sides. And when you are judging the merits of any court cases, get the effing court transcripts and comb through them! If you call yourselves a journalist, you have an effing responsibility to do that! 

And another conversation about rape culture that needs to be talked about is what happens when a Black woman accuses a white man of raping her? Hundreds of years of repeatedly raping Black women with absolute legal impunity throughout enslavement and Jim Crow. And I don’t think much has changed. Just study Tawana Brawley!
She couldn’t even get an indictment against the white men she accused of raping her. And you know what she’s called in the media? A LIAR, a FRAUD! And now they are docking her check to make her pay those white men back that she accused. But one of the biggest ironies of this is that while Black feminists (and this included some Black men) were going after Nate Parker who was found not guilty by an all white jury, except for one Black person (woman) on it, Donald Trump, who is running for president has a current court case in he is being accused of raping a white woman when she was an underage teenager! And this came out long before the video was strategically released of him saying those disgusting things about women! Outside of a few journalists writing about this, you heard hardly anything at all! And Black female feminists bloggers didn’t say shyt about it!

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