Friday, April 4, 2008


It’s been a long while since I sat down and wrote for me or even for my Blog. I have been working my way back to a clear and straight path after a series of bad decisions, missteps and deeply needed soul searching. This entry is one of four entries bringing everyone up to day with where and what I have been up to for the past few weeks.

Those whom have come by the Blog know that I have been dealing with a medical condition that up until now, I have been getting a handle on. My symptoms have been holding me down, sometimes grinding my energy to a complete stop. By sheer force of Will and a long streak on stubbornness to not be held down did I keep the faith that I’d over come my ailment. Well, as of today’s writing, I am beginning to show signs of gaining my old self back without consciously trying to place a MASK of strength and good cheer pretending I am the pillar of health. To all my Male Fans of my Blog, I extend this advice, if you are Black or Brown and in your mid-30’s, begin setting up an appointment for a Colonoscopy. I’ll tell you the short version as to why I am suggesting this.

Since my family (your typical Black American family) has in any given time, age and area the traditional sicknesses such as High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Heart Attacks, Diabetes, Asthma and a slew of urban, food and or stress related ailments, I decided to seriously begin looking at my health as an investment. Once my digestive system began acting out of the norm I looked into getting it check out. I saw several doctors, all of which were giving me Voodoo hypothesis on what my problems could be. I then began consulting my book of herbs and roots as well as consulting my vegan friends. By the grace of GOD dropping signs, I so happened to be watching television about how important it was for Men reaching the age of 50 to begin looking into checking for the potential of Colon Cancer. Of course the age of 50 was traditional for White Males (usually those with a history of seeing a physician on a regular and possessing GOOD AND EXPENSIVE HEALTH INSURANCE).

Now as a person with a history of good health, a vegetarian and mildly active with exercise, the idea of colon cancer would be far from a thought of having, especially when one eats all those ANTI-CANCER FOODS and yet ANGLES have a way of pulling on one’s ear and explaining that you control NOTHING when it comes to what GOD as planned.

I go into the doctor’s office and do the traditional check up and when it was all said and done, he asked, “Do you have any other questions for me?” I responded, “I want to have a Colonoscopy done.” Now the doctor looked at me perplexed as if I was asking for a heart transplant on the spot. He then debated me on why having a Colonoscopy wasn’t necessary and that I was in good health and too young to be worrying about stuff like that, BUT like all things ME, I was insistent and he broke down and scheduled an appointment for me. I guess he figured, “If this negro wants to give me some extra money, I’ll take it.”

Three weeks later I was going through the cleansing of the colon drinking some of the nastiest SHYT. It tasted like a FISH SMOOTHIE WITH ASS CHIPS EXTRA SALT. I had to drink a half-gallon of this Witches Brew that smelled like Booty and Corn Chips but in the end, I was as clean as a newborn baby (at lease on the inside). They got me on the table, gave me some drugs to knock my ASS OUT (figuratively and literally) and while in my coma like sleep they went to work on the BOOTY.

I know fellahs, you ain’t liking how that sound but the reality is, they needed to stick the camera up there to see what was up.

I wake up 40 minutes later a little sluggish from the drugs they gave me and I go home for about a week to eventually return for the results of biopsy from the Colonoscopy. To my friends and family reading this …. I had Pre-Cancerous Polyps.

As young as I am, has health as I was, eating well, exercising, drinking water, no junk foods or fried foods, keeping the stress of my back, I was able to catch something that would have ravaged my body because either the doctor felt I was too young to worry about it or I was too arrogant to acknowledge the SPIRITUAL sign that whatever I was going through wasn’t just going away with anti-biotics and orange juice. So for the past few months of my life; two years or more, this is what I have been dealing with.

I am now moving toward the full recovery of my ailment and I am blessed everyday to be able to wake up knowing that I can live a few extra days under the graces and praise of my Higher Power. This is why I wanted to let my Brothers and Sisters know that this cancer stuff is serious. The causes are in everything we do. It’s in the air, the water and the food. I am almost convinced that it is in the STATE OF OUR MIND. With the thoughts we carry about our present condition, you can’t help but to think that our mental cancers can turn either way into our PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL cancers as well.

Maybe both.


jjbrock said...

Poet I am glad that you are back. You take care of your self, YOU HERE ME? I miss your break it down way of blogging.

Shazza said...

Wow...i know how that can be... in 2006, in a space of 6 months i had a brest lump removed and a polyp on my womb and uterus...and i have of late considered vegeterian living... but it is scary how it creeps up on you like that... i have always said, i am more scared of Cancer that HIV/Aids... at least with that, u can play safe and avoid it... but cancer now... it just happens...

Glad to hear you are well and back in shape...

dejanae said...

glad to see ur back man
thank God for signs huh?