Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A few weeks ago I Blogged about how a close friend of mine was being shipped out to Iraq again on April 15, 2008 (A FRIEND, A CALL, A WAR AND A PRAYER). He’s already been there for a tour and in Korea and all other places serving our Country. This is a worthwhile and noteworthy thing. It was his choice as well as his duty. I don’t have issues with the military; at one time I briefly considered the occupation myself, "BRIEFLY" being the optimum word. So the need to leave and do what needs to be done as required, I am in full support. And as my friend, my Boy Marco knows how I feel about him, the Occupation and this Administration.

Well, during my time away from the Blogosphere, I get a phone call surprising me that my Boy is half way between New Jersey and New York City. MAN I was surprised and also half FUQ’ed. I had just ended a serious Long Term Relationship and needed to be in that state of BLUES, you know the kind of Blues where you are listening to all the “sad songs” that define your life and feelings mixed with deleting all of the “our songs” from your Ipod so you can complete the Remix of the SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR NEW LIFE. I know I wanted to see my Boy Marco because in the reality that is the Bush Regime, this may be the only time I may see him for the next 18 months. YES, he’s gone for 18 months …. THE BASTARDS!!

Last time we hung out, I was chillin out in Chi-town but I was a work-a-holic so the quantity time we shared was only done in quality time. Not to mention, my Boy was detoxing from culture deprivation and had rather slept, eat Oreo cookies and drink Kool-Aid all day then go out and party. Nothing wrong with that. So now that it is a little over a year later, My Boy was doing his "The Marco Tour" to connect with his friends and family before his deployment.

So Marco arrives at 11pm on a weekday. Excited, we meet and greet, catch up and then he hits me with the BIG QUESTION, “So what you got planned for me?”

Now, if you live in a major city and you have folks from out of town, especially those from a rural area or the deep SOUTH you can relate to what I’m about to say, "US CITY FOLK DON’T PARTY 24/7". And even though New York City has the reputation as the City That Never Sleeps that unfortunately refers to the CITY, the PEOPLE LIVING HERE DO SLEEP. Especially the 9 to 5 Peoples.

So here I am, on the downturn of an emotional rollercoaster and sitting across from a Body with the energy of a rising Sun, what’s a Brotha to do? Well I had to do what many people have done in many years past, we looked at his wallet and said, "THIS IS FOR NEW YORK AND TOURISM, BOOST THAT ECONOMY."

So we made out a plan which involved, Club Hopping, House Parties, The Apollo, The Cotton Club, Lenox Lounge, Dinners, Bootycalls and Hoochies (come on ladies, he’s single and heading to Iraq for 18 months I had to do something), Meeting Family, catching up with friends and actually sitting down and having QUALITY TIME. That was the best. The fact that we could sit down and talk about goals, wishes, fears and his anger about heading back over to the desert. We talked about moments that to me were trivial but to my Boy, meant the World touched me so deeply that I moved aside a place in my heart to make him family. Interesting enough, he told me that I was more like his Older Brother than his actual Brother. I couldn’t tell you how much that meant.

So as the days go by and I watch Marco handle himself here, based upon his experiences, if he was not careful, New York City could eat him up and drain him dry. I mean, just like the saying, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is a reality. This is why.

As part of our agenda while Marco was in town, he wanted me to so a photo shoot for him and for his family. I agreed (I guess he knew the sympathy of being shipped out to Iraq, I'd do it for free, which I ended up doing ...) Afterward we were driving back to Harlem from a photo shoot that I did for him at one of New York’s most scenic parks when a car pulled up next to my Boy’s driver’s side. Marco, driving a brand new LEXUS (really nice, the head turning type, most definitely a sign of MONEY old or new) he kinda was BIG WILLY on the road. This Dominican kid then yells out at him, “Yo Papa, I got that Haze! Give me your number and I hook you up.” On the passenger’s side I am seeing just how my Boy would handle the situation and in the true style of a Country Mouse my Boy Marco responds, “Word?”.

Yeah Papa, take my number and call me so I can have your number in my phone.”, he says in an insistent tone.

So Marco takes out his cell phone and begins taking the kid’s number. “Aiight, yo, what’s your number?

Before he could complete the number exchange, a second kid driving with the Dominican says, “Yeah Man, we got those Pills too.

I then interject to Marco very calmly and matter-o-factly, “Yo, you don’t want to do that.

Why?”, Marco asked

You just don’t.” spoken in a Fatherly tone.

I look at the Dominican kid driving, lean across My Boy and say, “Yo Pa, we will call you later OK, we have a party to get at and we need to know what we need to get. We’ll get at you when we know.

"Oh word, where is the jump off? Maybe we can roll through?", he asks.

I say to him, "Not that type of party. "

The second kid pitches, "We got that good shyt yo. The best."

Yo, call me now. Call me now.”, The Dominican driver insists.

I’ll call you later.”, I end the conversation and then I look at my Boy and tell him to roll up the window. “Negro, you need to drive this car straight and head downtown.

When we get to 125th Street and Broadway I begin to tell Marco that he was just about to enter into a drug deal and his gullible ass didn’t even know it. Then there was no knowing if the police were watching and even if you were just talking, you and I would have been thrown all over your nice little LEXUS looking like THUGS on a Cops episode. I also drop the knowledge that everyone in New York is nice, but you have to be seasoned enough with the lingo to know if you are meeting someone nice or someone "nice".

Surprised and embarrassed my Boy says to me, “I didn’t know, I thought when he said he got that Haze, he was referring to a Rapper and selling his Bootleg CD. You know the ones people say they sell in New York.

Like I said, Country Mouse.

I sat there in the car for a few minutes then started to laughed HARD. He laughed too because he knew, he wasn’t quite ready to be left alone here. New Yorker's can Smell New Meat as well as someone ready to buy a bridge cheap. I just couldn't see My Boy leaving here with only a barrel and flip flops.

We did Ground Zero, looked at the Statue of Liberty, had Uptown Soul Food and Texas BBQ, Spanish cuisine in Washington Heights, Central Park, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, traded pictures and music and in the end, made PROMISES. We promised to keep in touch, me being his tie to Home and him letting me know that he is being smart and staying alive. Looking at the Military’s Report to Congress this week …. Well I’ll just keep my opinions to myself for later.

Seven days later, I am totally exhausted. I lived the life of a CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS and I was dragging. Between lack of sleep, running from dawn to dawn, eating on the run, dancing playing tour guide as well as BIG BROTHER .. oh did I tell you I was going to work as well… LAWD I needed a deep coma sleep. And yet, I was over my BLUES. I was now OVER MY BREAK UP. Of course I am not over the initial anger of the break up, I mean the reasons why are still immature, ignorant and devious BUT I can now move on and count my losses. I have my Boy Marco to thank for this. GOD does put people in your life for a reason. Especially when my issues with a break up is small in comparison to being assigned to a WAR ZONE for 18 months.


One Man’s Opinion said...

Good looking out for your boy. Dang, I wish you had been tour guide for my sistera and me when we came to New York, last year. LOL. I am still reeling from the fact that your boy was going to give anyone his phone number, period. I didn't know what the haze was either, but I still would have been weiry of people just driving up on me like that.

Great post, great narrative. I like. I like.

jjbrock said...
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jjbrock said...

Poet, I love your writing style. I am praying that young Marco be safe why fighting for our country. I am looking forward to reading about the picture you lifted.

dejanae said...

i am too mad ur boy thought dominican dude was talkin bout cd's
country mouse?
ida had some stronger choice words than

glad ur feelin betta about the breakup
hope ole boy stays safe