Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am going to keep this entry short, and you all know I am not short for words about serious ISSUE to concern ME but this one I had just put out there for Blogger Opinion.

I was mid-way with a New Blog posting with my take on Rev. Jeremiah Wrights speech during the past weekend's NAACP affair and his Press Questioning and Answer Session when I saw on television the HOT OFF THE PRESS AND BREAKING NEWS that Barak Obama condemns his Pastor. He is quoted as suggesting that Rev. Wright’s “performance” was an OUTRAGE and his "comments were not only divisive and destructive”.

Was he talking about Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Flava Flav?

"I’m outraged by the comments that were made and saddened over the spectacle that we saw yesterday." I find these comments appalling. It contradicts everything that I’m about and who I am. They offend me, they rightly offend all Americans and they should be denounced. That’s what I am doing very clearly and unequivocally here today." – Barak Obama

I know we are talking about Obama's denouncing of his pastor as all Politics but in rejecting Rev. Wright, not only does he reject his own Spiritual Compass, but the Black Church, Black History and a larger body of Black folk and their connection to America through the Church and him.

In the past, we were taught to see others who are different as somehow being deficient. Christians saw Jews as being deficient. Catholics saw Protestants as being deficient. Presbyterians saw Pentecostals as being deficient.

Folks who like to holler in worship saw folk who like to be quiet as deficient. And vice versa. Whites saw black as being deficient. It was none other than Rudyard Kipling who saw the "White Man's Burden" as a mandate to lift brown, black, yellow people up to the level of white people as if whites were the norm and black, brown and yellow people were abnormal subspecies on a lower level or deficient.” - Rev Jeremiah Wright

Barak Obama is an American so it's hard for me to accept and or see why he has to continue to prove to be American to everyone else when he only has to just BE. The one issue I have always had with those following Obama and love him as their candidate is that the see him as ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE. The one thing about those that are ALL THINGS is that they often fail ALL THE TIME TO ALL PEOPLE. Obama is a MAN and like Men he is flawed which is why he has FAITH and in his FAITH, he worships DIFFERENTLY. And in the words of Rev. Wright, Different isn't Deficient.

I don't feel sorry for Barak Obama in regards to his rejection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I feel "sadden" for for HIM.

When you are diminished by YOUR Nation, pressured, manipulated away from your Spiritual Compass, that one person also being your "father figure", a Nation that has you denounce your Spiritual Leader, a leader that has connected you to your CHURCH and your Spiritual FAMILY and have you reject this before the WORLD, if you are willingly or even reluctantly, IN MY OPINION it shows a weakness in Character for one's FAITH. One should not have sympathy from AMERICA (the very Nation whom invented the concept of Freedom of Speech, Expression, and Religion) or Black Christians on this subject because both did not bother to question and allowed this treatment to fall upon a citizen, let alone Barak Obama. And to chock this up to those that are Christians and proudly speak within their “Faith” say, "He had to say this for "Political Reasons", speaks volumes to their hypocrisy comparing them to those who do not like the Clinton's and express that they "will do anything to win". This Black Face Moment now becomes Obama's “Anything To Win" moment”.

I can't see how a MAN, guided by his Faith can dismiss his beliefs for MAN'S LAW unless his Faith was a means to an Opportunity. For those that do not know, Trinity is a VERY powerful and influential CHURCH in Chicago and in the Midwest just as Ebenezer is in the South and Abyssinian is in the North. When you become a member of these Churches you are a standing member in a LONG STANDING HISTORY of Social, Political and Economic Change in America. To reject that, you do more than distancing, you begin to open eyes, ears and hearts to a HUGE SUPPORT NETWORK.

Rev. Wright stated that he is a Man of Faith and that his service is to that of GOD where as Obama is a Politician who must speak to the people and has to say whatever it takes to be a Politician.

I agree with Rev. Wright on this point, and thus Obama's dilemma for Being All Things To All People is careening into a Brick Wall. The thing about Being All Things to All People is that you eventual FAIL ALL PEOPLE IN ALL THINGS.

Obama should have stayed on message. HE HAD ADDRESS TO AMERICA HIS VIEWS AND HIS PURPOSE. He has published Books, did Interviews, made Speeches, has had 21 Debates, presented his Tax Records, presented his DNA and Family Tree so now he has to GET RID OF HIS MORAL COMPASS in order to walk straight? BULLSHYT!!!

"He continues his commentary about Rev. Jeremiah Wright: "As I see it, if a strong, controversial black man in America is not kissing the asses of cynics and aggressively-patriotic white America or submissively acquiescing himself as 'Toby' like Kunta Kinte in Roots, he is ostracized and electronically lynched. It is unfortunate that when sad truths are revealed about America - despite all of the good she has done in the world – people cannot see the truth because they are ridiculously and blindly patriotic. They are in deep denial. In my opinion, Reverend Wright has been vilified and 'caricatured' because he has spoken the truth about America not being utopia. It’s time for Americans to take the blinders off." -- Shay Posted on Booker Raising 4/30/2008


jjbrock said...

Poet you know that I was a Obama supporter but, that has change. He did not have to do that for a job that white america don't want him to have any way.

A month ago he said that he could not no more disown Rev. Wright than he could his own grand mother what happen? If his grand mother came out and call folks the N word I wonder would he strongly disown her.

This is what the media wanted him to do from day one. Guess what they are asking why did he stay for 20 years they are not going to vote for him no matter what he say. America is a racist country and they wanted and excuse.

Shazza Nakim said...

I agree with you so much. I can't see how a MAN, guided by his Faith can dismiss his beliefs for MAN'S LAW unless his Faith was a means to an Opportunity.

Rev. Wright stated that he is a Man of Faith and that his service is to that of GOD where as Obama is a Politician who must speak to the people and has to say whatever it takes to be a Politician.

I agree with Rev. Wright on this point, and thus Obama's dilemma for Being All Things To All People.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Barack disappointed me by bowing down to public demand. I thought he was better than that, but when it is all said and done, I guess he is a politician. I was listening to a radio talk show the other day, where this white guy was saying how he had visited Rev. Wright's church and how he was treated so nicely, but after hearing all of the things said about the good Rev, how he felt as if he had been hoodwinked. What the fuck? We, as people, allow ourselves to be so easily duked by the media and others. Does anyone have the power to stand and be their own person? Is it really so hard?

Shazza Nakim said...

What gets me is NOW I am seeing Black folk on TV all of a sudden flipping the script on Rev. Wright nnd backing Obama. Then there are the Democrats doign the same thing. This bothered me because the party should have invested the time and the effort to KNOW THE TRUTH and BACKED OBAMA and created a movement to KNOWING WHAT WRIGHT SAID and is ALL ABOUT.

This is why I am so Hard on Obama, not because I don't think he can become President, its because of the Blind Faith people have that he is the Man that can be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE until things like this happen and they see that he is JUST A MAN.

BTW, I was still in edit mode when you read the POST, there is more so come back and check it out.

SheCodes said...

Very well said, sir. My question is this, the next time some outspoken black person "misbehaves" and talks about racism, is Barack going to denounce them too?

I saw this coming when he got bullied into denouncing Farrakhan. Now I have a couple of differences with Farrakhan, but how many other candidates are getting lighted into and forced to separate from their endorsers?

And why are the people who he must divorce himself from always BLACK? There are equally troublesome supporters of other races in his campaign (as well as others).

I believed from day one that he should have stood his ground and simply said, "my record stands for itself, I have no proxies to state what I believe (well, except maybe Michelle Obama)."

But as far as I can tell, he has caved every time our melanin-challenged friends got mad at an inconvenient negro. He even put hiw wife, Michelle into "Siberia mode" for six weeks because white folk didn't think that she was 'adequately proud of America'.

Now I did vote for Barack Obama in NJ but I am not fooled by this man, nor do I think that he is any worse than the other candidates.

We need to take the rose colored glasses off and really look at these candidates' stances on issues, their voting records, and be prepared to hold them accountable to their promises.

Shazza Nakim said...

Well expressed Shecodes.

What gets me pissed is now I am hearing reactors to what Obama did and they are saying, "This a good thing for Obama, it finally shows he has a Backbone and capable of make the HARD DECISIONS".

What the FUQ does that mean or even say about Obama and the very example you made "Shecodes" about how when he denounces those that are BLACK (Leadership) and leave the White ones alone?

jjbrock said...

Poet the way you been putting it down in the blogspher is awesome.