Friday, April 18, 2008


My skin is Black
a symbol of courage
a badge of fame
Branded deep into my soul
it’s the statement of overt recognition.
It blends in with all God's creations
varied in all proportions.

My skin
the symbol of power
a badge of respect.
Branded deep into my mind.
It’s a statement of overt judgment.
Unashamed and pronounced.
It strikes fear and terror throughout.

My skin
layered in protection.
It absorbs the heat
and the light of truth
collecting to store
storing to use.

My skin.
A symbol of joy.
A badge of love
branded deep within my perception
a statement of overt freedom
to control,
and expand the outer reaches of reality.

My skin.
My darkness in all its degrees.
Diverse in five dimensions,
where it stirs conversation,
and exist before and forever.

My skin,
functions for only one,
The Creator.
In likeness.
In lightness.
In Strength.
In Compassion.
Thus the one true authority
for both Man and Beast.

My skin
the consecration of life
a triad of Father, Son, and Mother
in a world of color.
Blanketing all the children in it

My skin.

Skin by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim


One Man’s Opinion said...

WOW! Great, my brother. You know what gets me. One day it takes a life time before you update and the next thing I know you seem to be posting every time I look up. Slow down, damn it.

Anonymous said...


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