Thursday, April 24, 2008


Not wishing anyone terrible news or blocking there blessing but I think it is a good thing Star Jones is going through what she is going through, an I like her contrary to what my initial statement sounds like.

I never believed the Fairy Tale romance and wedding Star Jones presented and I believe most of America felt the same way. At its core, that was the “bitter” pill that we all were forced to swallow during the whole ABC/ The View fiasco that resulted in Star Jones’ firing. We lived the drama and people drew lines in the sand over which side you stood. Either you loved the Woman who transformed her life and switched channels from the Big Girls Show to that of the Divalicious. I sided with Star ‘Diva” Jones because I am always a sucker for the underdog, and Star was a “Dog” in the eyes and lips of man people. Especially Black Women.

In my experience, I have noticed that Women are very hard on other Women who do well. Those that can go from pain and misery to health and spiritual enlightenment, often are placed in degrees and categories of acceptance, Women being selective in who they embrace when those that survive that climb into empowerment. Star Jones somehow must have taken the wrong staircase in her climb to the top because she never caught a break since she shed the pounds and decided for Professional and Personal reasons not to endorse publicly the radical methods for loosing weight. As a MAN, I was like, “Good for you Star, you did what you needed to do to get healthy.” To my Sisters, “That Bitch thinks she’s all that since she lost all that weight.”

It is just interesting that Star Jones was liked BEST when she was a Big Girl and the bigger she got, the more she was loved and adored. It was as if Star Jones encompassed the pain, insecurities, depressions and feelings or inadequacies and daily as she appeared on television absorbed those feelings and emotions until she was about to burst. In reality, she was about to BURST. The Woman’s heart was about to give out and in a moment to choose life over death, SHE decided to live. This was not acceptable for the World because Star Jones, as a Woman, and Black Woman, as a Fat Black Woman, as a Self Destructive Fat Black Woman was suppose to die and become the latest casualty for the decadence that is America. In THAT moment Star Jones lived and lived as LARGE as the body she once had and like all stars that go “nova”, she energy touched everyone including those that did not want to be touched. This energy included her “Happiness”.

OK so we know about how Alicia Keys had help HOOK up Star Jones with her soon to be ex-husband, Al Reynolds. We did the whole his Traditional Black Southern and my Southern Traditional family stories, the All-Star engagement proposal, a whole one year marriage counseling, one year of celibacy, the on air wedding dress shopping, The View as the year long Bridal Party, HELL we even grudgingly had to sit through a one-woman American Idol-like Star Jones solo act of her singing a Whitney Houston song. And by that time I too was going through a period of Star Rejection. Then we got in the final closing of the Star Jones Experience with her Wedding of the Century or as the media dubbed it “The Most Outrageous Celebrity Weddings of 2004”. Once this was done we were just like … OK what next? What was next was to figure out, "What Man Would Marry Star Jones?"

So now that we were exhausted about the woman, we now had to look at the MAN but what we found was someone that was NOT QUITE WHAT WE EXPECTED. He was just a regular Jack and Jill expressing, God Fearing (because we know he had to be that type of Christian), Independently wealthy, well educated, Black and masculine. Well, that last point, the “masculine part” was suspect. Much like the Barak Obama and the Reverend Wright controversy, this one issue never quite left the minds of the many “He-and-She-Hates” Star Jones followers BUT, if Star Jones said Al Reynolds was ALL MAN and not Gay than we will accept that for now.

Fast-forward four years later, Star Jones has rebounded time and time again from her The View Issues to her own show on Court-TV and still everything was Roses. One thing about Roses though, they grow, they bloom, they are admired and then they dwindle and die. There wasn’t a moment when we did not hear how WONDERFUL the Reynolds marriage was and how much it is this and how much it was that. For me, that was a RED FLAG. No one needs to reaffirm a good thing when life does that without assistance. Especially when no one asks.

Year 2005 and we are hearing comments from Star Jones’ Spokesperson, "This story is absolutely ridiculous and untrue. Star and Al are very committed to each other and their marriage." This statement was in response to the idea that the marriage was a sham and a means to boost The Views ratings, the rumors of past affairs by Al Reynolds and his visits to Fire Island (for those not in the know, Fire Island is a very popular place for Gay Summer Activities and Events) and pictures floating about the Internet in swimwear which for some, must be an antidote for Homosexual behavior. I mean from the start there has to be something “wrong” with this MAN to like …. HER. The rumors never stopped, if anything they became more insidious from two avenues, tabloid media and the Gay Community. Which as far as I am concerned are pretty much one and the same.

Each year the announcement of the two getting a divorce became an annual event with Star Jones reaffirming that the two are still living in Honeymoon Bliss. One thing I know about Honeymoons, they eventually end and the REAL marriage begins. And just that, people who either LOVE or HATE Star Jones know that what we see in public, ISN’T the real Star and Star never shows you her HAND.

But why do people keep bringing up The Star Jones Marriage? Why not just let up and move on to maybe other People’s Marriages? Is it that people still cannot release from the fact that this once “Ugly Betty” has become a Star or is this more like Marion Jones and her drug scandal (no relation … seriously) where people know something that everyone was else is ignoring and the accused is just not letting go of the Lie. Maybe Star Jones really is a Diva and has pissed off so many people that until she BURST the way people had hoped she would have on The View, she will be doomed to be hassled until then? How about the fact people either did not feel that they got their money’s worth (since Star Jones nor Al Reynolds paid a dime for it) or there was some small writing in the bridal Contract which stated that the PUBLIC owns Her for life? Regardless of the reasons, it’s official, Star Jones is getting a divorce and we are hearing the, “I TOLD YOU SO, HE AIN’T WANT HER BLACK ASS.

So now what? Star Jones has lost the Weight, she’s lost The View, she’s lost her Talk Show, now she’s lost her Marriage. I am still an underdog supporter, regardless of the reasons, I am behind her 100% because I can relate when it comes to dropping dead weight and moving forward .. especially when you KNOW the person isn’t into you. We have been previed to the "Star Jones Saga" since day one and part of me would like to just shyt it all down and move past it BUT I do like Star Jones and I am looking forward to seeing how SHE bounces back from this one because like many people, This Marriage Seem Suspect from the start and wasn't going to last long anyway.

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jjbrock said...

Poet great article as usual. I hoping Star will bounce back and good luck to her.