Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am watching my evening News shows before I either hit the bed or pull another one of my traditional all night writing rampages when I flip the channel to PBS to check out Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose. I check the schedule and see that Charlie Rose will be talking about the Barak Obama speech giver earlier today. I decide to stay up a little longer. I figure I haven't gotten enough over saturation of the media attention and over abundance of opinions for my blog, Charlie’s opinion would have been the punctuation I needed to complete my view point when, “DAYUM!!!, what the FUQ happen to you!?!?” My boy Charlie Rose got a BEAT DOWN.

He was sitting there talking to Jon Meacham, Editor of Newsweek and Author and Reverend Floyd Flake, Pastor and Former US Congressman on the importance of Barak Obama and how his position in American history plays well on the psyche of voters, Black and White, and all the while the the only thing I kept seeing was how Charlie Boy got YOKED.

I don’t know how Jon and Floyd got threw it, my professionalism would have broken down and in the middle of taking apart Obama’s speech detailing the REAL OF AMERICA, I would have stopped and ask, “Yo, did someone put a hit on you or did you yell Viva la Hillary in a crowd of Obamaholics?

I got through the interview and jumped on the Internet because I know someone had to put his business out there. I mean if we can get ex-Governor John McGreevy and his wife having threesomes with their chauffeur after eating at Friday’s and calling them FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIALS online, I know Charlie Rose’s ass kickin’ would be there. Possibly a YouTube video too. Come to find out, Charlie Boy got busted up trying to save his MacBook Air. Charlie Boy was about to drop his Mac Computer? DAYUM, I can’t believe Charlie Boy went out like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVES ME SOME MAC. Best piece of technology on the PLANET. I wish the rest of the World would catch on to this bit of REALITY. Then again, some people still think the economy is in good standing so GO FIGURE. But a Mac Attack?

According to the SPIN report:

“The host, whom Arrington says is a gadget-hound, was carrying his new MacBook Air, and thus he had a big decision to make: Protect his face, or the beautiful machine? In the split-second before he kissed the pavement, Rose chose to save the computer.

"In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately," producers told Arrington.

Producers say the MacBook Air was undamaged, save for the blood stains.”

You know, my PROPS go out to Charlie Boy, I don’t know if I’d take a dive like that if I was making Charlie Rose money. I mean, with my tight pockets, I’d have to decide, do I get my face busted up and not have enough medical coverage to get healed, or do I loose a portion of my life savings and loose my MAC (cause you know those things cost as much as a FIRST BORN)? You might as well ask me to take Crystal Meth, get naked and go swimming in the Artic Sea High Winter.

I think Charlie Boy is missing a GOLDEN opportunity to get a new MacBook Air for free. His agent ain't doing the right thing. He needs to call me up so I can work it for him. I can see the Ad Campaign now; “I’ll Die For A MacBook Air” Better yet, “You Should Have Seen The Other Computer.” Then I'd have a busted up Dell laptop and Charlie Boy all bandaged up with is nice and perfect Mac. MAN, I am in the wrong business!!

Hey Charlie Rose, get bet.


dejanae said...

i can picture the commercials

One Man’s Opinion said...

"Obamaholics", priceless. I am an Obamaholic.

C'mon, Shazza. I had just talked myself out of spending my income tax return on a mac note book and just putting it away for a rainy day and here you go getting my mind back on the purchase. What the hell is wrong with you, man? I thought we were tight like that! Oh, and I would have saved the Mac too. Rich or not rich. Well, maybe not, if my was how I made my living. Peace.