Friday, November 23, 2007

Punk Ass Damon Wayans

You know I saw that show and I was taken back. As of recent I have been working from home and normally I keep my television on three channels, C-Span, CNN and MSNBC. Now that Whoopie Goldberg is on The View, I have decided to include that time slot in my morning television because I do respect the work of Whoopie. Now in that respect I do not always agree with her opinions and perspectives on life but I do acknowledge that she is a very intelligent woman that can come to the table with a unique look and experience that we all have to respect. For instant, as an ‘artist’, she feels that words are just words and that the word “stupid” is more offensive than the “N-word”. Whoopie Goldberg actually feels that there isn’t a word ever uttered that is offensive. But then again, she is a comedian and how you use words artistically as a comedian can either put you over the top or get you brought down to the level of maggots six-feet under. It has been historically noted that the Fool, the Trickster, the Jester and other similar characters were always walking the line of social and political correctness. Even today we honor the kid that can make us laugh as the Class Clown. And that’s who comedians are, Clowns; people who wear masks to hide the truthfulness of both their humanity and ours. And in our laughter he subconsciously laughs at our strengths and weakness, the beauty and our ugliness. BUT you have to be funny with an underlying message to elevate society because that is ‘ART’.

Damon Wayans interviews are like PMS. Sometimes he is on and funny and other times he is down right crude and angry almost vicious. I think on that particular day, he was reliving the declining days of In Livin’ Color when their comedy became forced and malevolence. So when Damon Wayans stated that he didn’t have a problem with Don Imus’ rant of,“Nappy Headed Hos”, I wasn’t surprised. To even speak for the "Majority of Black" people was laughable. He has said worst in public and in concert and we have to acknowledge that his family of comedians’ claimed to fame has always been to push the limits of comedy in the 1990’s. Yet there is the dis-connection for Damon Wayans between what is funny and what isn’t and what is right to say about your own people. To break that down to his mindset would be a moot point. You see when you consider yourself an “Artist” you create for yourself a ‘Shield of Anonymity’. You pull this infamous philosophy provided by the Constitution and its FREEDOM SPEECH. Sad to say, the Racist of our nation do it equivalently and or in worst degrees practicing the same rhetoric.

Here too is the other disconnect, we didn't have the Women of Rutgers sharing the couch with Damon Wayans and if you did, there would have been a totally different response.

As you recall, I gave praise to the Class Clown. Often the Class Clown was funny until he/she made fun of that one kid or one adult situation and managed to cross the line. Then the whole class and sometimes the school knew that what he or she thought was funny, was harmful and disrespectful. In all of those circumstances we never hear anyone championing FREEDOM OF SPEECH or FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!

What Damon Wayans said on The View was no different than what a Bully would say to another who can not defend themselves, and in my opinion, “He was a punk” for saying it.

I didn’t expect any of the women on The View to say anything since (and this is my only criticism of The View) the show is very top heavy with comedians. All of whom come from the background of Comedy. So like I said earlier, comedians love that ‘Shield of Anonymity” and like-minded people will stay silent on matters opposite to their opinions or their fellow brethren. Even when most of the nation know what Imus said was wrong, when Imus apologized for doing wrong, even when the nation tries to move forward to make what Imus said a healing process for doing right, even when your own people have either spoken out or is in the process of making events that lead to the Imus incident right, Damon Wayans spoke as if he desires the good 'ol Coon Days blanketed in the FREEDOM OF SPEECH which has made him millions of dollars. Can you blame him? He's trying to keep a roof over his head at the expense of his on people? It’s pretty much what’s expected by a HOUSE NIGGER. That's right. You heard me correctly. When you become a slave to the people who have bought your soul, who owns your soul, you step lightly and carry no sticks. I was given some good advice when it comes to courting FAME. "Be careful when you sell your soul for fame, you just might need it back some day".

Words never spoken so clearly were never spoken so true. With the exception of Whoopie Goldberg, every woman on that couch voiced their opinion on the Imus/Rutgers affair and for the record, we know this. They all do not agree with Damon Wayans nor Imus. But ask yourself, who owns Barbara Walters? Answer: ABC. Who owns The View? Answer: ABC. Who is Damon Wayans under contract with? Answer: ABC. Sad to say, Damon Wayans was in Spike Lee's film, Bamboozled. Now he sits with women the Bamboozled playing the roll of the Black Talent bought out of his true self for the paper. How funny is that?

Now the question is, "Who Owns Your Soul?"

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