Monday, November 26, 2007

America's Disconnect With The Noose

The hanging of The Nooses is not a new thing, its just the new NEWS REPORTING HIGH of American media. High meaning when News breaks from its formula for concentrating on what editors perceive what the Public needs to know or what will keep ratings HIGH, occasionally will pull its lenses just so far back enough to report on events that sheds light on the real America. Malcolm X stated it best when he said, "Pulling the skirt up on American and showing her privates to the world". Since I was a child, I have always pulled on America's skirt and often gotten my hands smacked. I like that feeling but like all things, there are consequences to challenging the establishment.

I had posted a picture on Yahoo not that long ago which displayed a photo of the lynching of a Black man highlighting an article entitled, "Why I Am Not Your Nigga". I received from Yahoo an e-mail stating that my article as well as picture was being censored. I responded back that Yahoo had no right and I re-posted it. I knew then that the idea and practices of Noose hangings were happening as well did Black People in America. And even though the events in Jena, La. was common and the News were draggged kicking and screaming to cover and evolve into recent events, the knowledge that it is ongoing then and now doesn't make an impact on American White Society because as each "hanging noose" is found, the notion that they are perceived as "pranks" become the common theme and not hate crimes.

It amazes me that if one defaces a church, its a Hate Crime. Draw swastikas on a synagogue, its a Hate Crime. Chase, bash or tie up a Gay people? A Hate Crime. Hang a noose from a tree or on someone front steps .... its a Prank. America has a serious disconnect.

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