Friday, November 23, 2007


Early one morning,
young children cried for their future
as ships sailed over a lazy hazy horizon
pushed by heavy winds draped in
Black stallions, suspended in time
as daylight hung in the balance
trapping shadows that taunted
and titillated young maidens
who left their halos at home.
Pastors whom placed written sermons on
cobble stoned walls and damp sullen doors
fell victim to the cold caresses of a conscious mind.
Marmalade dripping from sweet bread
rotted out the teeth of the greedy
now grinning gums blackened with decay
and spitting slurred words of consequences.
And though the children cry out into the distance
screaming for the ships to take them as well,
the only answer which they all can receive
is a shrinking of the mass as it chases a setting sun.

Opportunity written by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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