Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mitt and Rudy, A Waste of Public Air Space

OK I did it. I watched another Presidential debate. I have watched pretty much all of them thus far both, Democratic and Republican debates. My friends keep asking me why do I do this? Outside of my sarcastic response, “I do it to experience what the slaves of Egypt felt like when building the pyramids”, I mostly do it because I enjoy the whole political process. The nuances, the feigned emotions, the re-direct of the truth and the lies its all the best drama and blueprint for damning one’s soul to the devil. Most of all, I like examining the psychology of each candidate as they struggle forward into a position of global criticism. My cruel indoctrination into politics I remember like yesterday when I was a child and my parents forced me to watch Nixon’s debate. Years later my head hurt trying to comprehend how a Hollywood actor became President of the United States. I scratched my head in confusion when I kept seeing familiar faces in crowds when Bush Sr. was campaigning and when a hillbilly boy from the mid-west had Black people swooning and swaying for political liberation, I watched intently to see it all unfold.

In 1999, I recall watching G.W. Bush Jr., the Decider Extraordinaire, make comments that he would go to war with Iraq and this was when he was campaigning. I heard how his actions would keep America safe as well as make things right when Sadam Hussein tried to attack his “Daddy”, aka President G. W. Bush Sr. Very few people recall this dialogue or even refer to it anymore, although it was a platform for his campaign for President. I listened intently and watched his body language, the nuances, the feigned emotions, the re-direct of the truth and the lies. I studied his whole psychology and by 2000 I knew he would be President of the United States, twice. The timing was right, the people were in place and like all things, NO ONE PAID ATTENTION. Regardless of 9/11, I honestly believe George W Bush Jr. would have been re-elected to the post he and his circle worked for and we’d still be in the same situation with war and economic upheaval. The only difference is that the World Trade Center would still be standing.

So now where are we? Well without blowing up my computer up breaking this all down I will concentrate on two candidates from the Republican side of the debate, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

In the most recent debate that was sponsored by CNN and YouTube in Florida (11/28/2007), there was a question related to Black on Black Crime. Let me bring you up to date just in case you missed it:


Before I even go for blood with their answers lets just say this, when you answer a question like this, his “prep team” should have been smart enough to tell Mitt Romney to answer any and all questions related to Black Crime in the following manner, “I don’t recognize Black on Black Crime, but I do recognize Crime no matter what the ethnic and racial background is. No one wants to be a victim of “Crime” so I think the question you asked isn’t what I will do about Black on Black Crime but what will I do to stop the symptoms of Crime in Black Communities and all Communities?” Then Mitt Romney can answer in the tradition of “misdirect” and cultural alliterative grandstanding.
For the record, Hillary, Obama and John Edwards know how to do this and they do it well. So what happened here with Mitt Romney? Both he and his staff have a serious disconnect not with Blacks or even Black on Blacks, Mitt’s disconnect is with the "Origins of Crime"; or at least the crime we see that effect to poor and near poor. I mean, if you can answer questions on the origins of crime in America, you then can begin the dialogue on economics, social reform, legal equality, ethical and moral protective rights and more so, the big picture which is “the why and how we are creating chaos around the world”. 


Deflection of a question could have also worked but you have to come from a place of experience and expertise when you do it. Mitt Romney thought he had that when he answered that Black on Black Crime's origin come from the lack of the traditional Family. My jaw dropped when he tried that.

“Listen Mitt, I can call you Mitt since your answer seemed a bit in my living room eating my food personal, you crossed the line. Black people live in a Village for the most part. Believe it or not, we do work to make up the lack of role models in our communities with churches, volunteers, after school programs, community based programs, grandparents, aunts and uncles, written and oral histories, park activities and more."

"The large majority of BLACK PEOPLE do very well working with youth and maintaining order within communities (when government and outside private exploiters do not interfere). Statistically the numbers of people involved in Black on Black crime make up a small percentage of the overall Black population. You through a statistic that one of your research cronies dropped in your lap after glancing through Bill Cosby’s book, “Black People, Come On” would make you credible. WRONG, you came off like a JACK."
"What your dim-witted prep-team forgot to include from that same book was that there are other role models that are missing besides a FATHER like wealthy Blacks who left the community, WHITES who invest with destructive products and activities that distracts and entice the lowest common denominator within the community, fast food industries, lack of community services and the elitist that commandeer them for control and power over the poor, substandard education and the lack resources and then there are outside influences as well govern by back office deals from local government to DC that benefit Corporate America."
"Oh yeah Mitt, Black people do not own or control the plantations where drugs are grown and collected, processed and transported, no Blacks own gun manufacturing companies like Smith and West or move Military Style weapons across the nation and around the world, we don’t sit on Corporate Boards in the numbers proportional to the nations’ population, nor are we in areas that Blacks can counter-act those ills that afflict Black Communities."
"So Mitt, if the very best you can do is, FIND MY FATHER AND MAKE HIM MARRY MY MOTHER?, if that is your answer to BLACK ON BLACK CRIME, be prepared to write off 13% of the nation with that answer.”

Everybody, let me tell you, Bill Cosby’s message was for the Black Man and Black Woman to invest and or take back their own communities. There were no extra seats for WHITES to jump on and ride that ride. Nowhere in Cosby’s book (and let me remind you of the title again, BLACK PEOPLE, COME ON) did it propose that Black on Black crime is solely due to single parenting. And yes Mr. Romney, you just blamed BLACK MOTHERS FOR THE REASON WHY THERE IS BLACK ON BLACK CRIME. Those same Black Mothers that in the days of YORE were your Mammies and Maids raising your children and most likely you as well. “Man Mitt, you fucked up, stutter and all.”


On the real, I didn’t think that that question was appropriate for the debate since before Black people can ask that question, one would have to have had done the work to clean it up collectively (which I personally feel we haven’t quite done yet) but there is White on White Crime which we hear very little of unless its WHITE COLLAR CRIME, Asian on Asian Crime (which exist but again we see and hear very little of it), Latin on Latin Crime (which is the double feature after the Black on Black Crime on the News), Black on Black Crime which is the opening News of the day but when there are People of Color on White Crime – that is Front Page stuff, the ratings buster, the how did the system break down stuff, the call in the experts and analyst and help us understand this stuff. its the FEAR STUFF.

If I had to do a YouTube debate question, I would have asked with my White Friend standing beside me, “To all of the candidates, what would you do to prevent BLACK ON WHITE CRIME?” Now that would be real news to talk about THE NEXT DAY.


That now brings me to Rudy Giuliani, AMERICA’S MAYOR. America’s Mayor? Where the HELL was I when they had that vote? I have so much to say about this guy but I can only drop the words in small doses. He’s like constipation, you know its coming, you feel the pain, and you can’t wait until it gets dropped so you can move on with life. What BURNS MY BUTT WITH HIM …. With this one, he actually said, "I REDUCED CRIME IN NYC?"

He did? Last I checked, New York City had gone through it largest economic boom (not with him at the helm, do anyone remember the BLACK NYC MAYOR David Dikins?) in YEARS. The whole NATION was going through the same BOOM. When people are working, they don’t have time to participate in crime petty or any other. City budgets were balanced, after-school programs were working, and non-profit organizations as well as community services were at an all time high because people had extra funds to donate as well as extra time. Parents had more time to spend with family (traditional and non-traditional), people traveled and more Black people became property owners, business developers and college graduates than any other time than ever before. Now this can also be said for all other ethics groups but when the economy radically changed (the Bush Years), Black Americans were hit the hardest.

So lets give the man his PROPERS.

Yes, Giuliani did bring down crime and took guns off the streets of New York City BUT he was also busting up the mafia and all those underground organizations that were bringing in the drugs and guns and flooding Black and Latin communities with the stuff in the first place. Many of the people busted were friends of Giuliani and his father who was a failed “Sopranos wannabe”. So in essence, HE ratted out and busted his friends for political gain.



If Giuliani brought crime down in Harlem by 80% that would mean that only 20% of all Harlem citizens didn’t break the law or were law abiding. YOU DO THE MATH. I think he sat in too many showings of AMERICAN GANGSTER staring Denzel Washington or maybe it was NEW JACK CITY.

You have to remember, Rudy Guliani's background is law enforcement, better yet a policeman with a brain. he was able to rise through the ranks as a Prosecutor with all the tactics and Grey's Anatomy of urban guerrilla warfare. If you are not familiar with urban policing or a military background you'll miss the tone and tenor of the Guliani bravado. As Harlemites, they have heard it all too long from too many people. They have him to straight when it comes to the Guliani Agenda.

Giuliani reputation is that of a bully and an idiot and it scares me that AMERICA isn’t smart enough to catch on that he’s also a con man. Or are they?

One thing I know about bullies, idiots and con men is once confronted with a Bigger Bully, a Smarter Person, and the REAL PEOPLE IN POWER they become children and fearful and just follow the status quo. Does this type of LEADERSHIP SOUND FAMILIAR? -- Shazza Nikim on "The Wisdom of Power."

Back to the BLACK ON BLACK CRIME question, Black people already know what the long-term solutions are. The effort has to come from within without outside interference. Especially from those that represent the Republican Party today. Malcolm X said it perfectly, “WHITES CAN HELP US BUT THEY CAN'T JOIN US”. This might sound racist to those on the outside of the community but it is 100% true. You can’t love your brother until you first love yourself first. WHITES in America can take care of themselves, BLACKS on the other hand need to accept that WHITES don't, can't, shouldn't and will not take care of their communities. Generations have witnessed this and when Generation X wake into their consciousness, they too will find that they are disconnected from the American Reality. If there is any disconnect, first find out where that break is with yourself and then mend it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it doesn't have to be seamless, it just has to hold together. The Brother in a YouTube response I posted below made me applaud because he gets it and he knows that the amount of work it takes isn’t that much when dealing with "IDLE CRIME" in his community. In essence, if He Builds It, They Will Come.

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