Monday, November 26, 2007

Only Great Leaders Die (.... for the Cause)

Exhausted by the labors of the day
I became a physical casualty of a reality war.
My body ached.
My head pounding.
Visibly tired,
Too weak to continue,
I desired to release my burdens upon an angry world.
On someone.
Dump them into a box
Deep and wide,
One capable of withstanding the years.
A box to stand the tests of time.
To house excess baggage.
To drop my brother into
for he is heavy.
I want to be free enough not to ask the question often asked.
Is there life after death?

I see no evidence of such a thing,
The living dead.
I know because I wake and walk the Earth daily.
Talking, and not saying anything.
Working, and not making anything.
And praying, and I getting
So tired am I that its effect bring me full circle.
Circle into rings,
Rings into links of chain,
Chains fastened at the ankle
-- Balled and chained.
Weighted down by the human condition .
I struggle and pull for freedom.
Tugging away for just an inch ,
Until I can only ask but for one thing ,

So they say
To sleep is to give up,
And to give up, is to die.
As a result I cheat,
and slave.

More and more,
Harder and harder,
Until the skin that is on my hands
Rip free from each finger.
And bones snap under pressure.
The pain from my shoulders arch into my back
Causing my knees to buckle from the stress,
Allowing my foot to tear free from its shackles.
Giving my all
To you.
My people.
My cause.
Life and limb.

Only Great Leaders Die by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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