Thursday, August 21, 2014

Robin Williams Died and There Is a Simple Fact Not Spoken About

There are some deaths that take you hard. Robin Williams has always had personal issues; issues that went beyond himself. He came from a family of addiction, pain, abuse, regret and sadness and yet .... he took it all and made people laugh in comedy and cry in drama. "Dead Poets Society" has always been my favorite film and I recently watched for maybe the thirtieth time, "What Dreams May Come"; both films about the pursuit of Life and the acceptance of Death. Robin Williams was the Man next door that waved whenever he saw you and meant it. For me, his work and his spirit was always refreshing in an industry built on illusion and insincerity.

Suicide, a harsh experience for everyone within its event horizon, is like a Black Hole. You can't escape its put of emotion, its drain. For the Religious, there is no forgiveness, but for those connected to humanity, it is a reality that a person has escaped from those that fell out of touch with the soul of the individual without them telling us why. It is unfair to those who love but even more so, it is a hole that is, for some, even with tears that can fill oceans, can never to be filled. Aged 63. That is young.
Truth be told about the shock is that everyone is tip-toeing around the reality that Robin Williams committed suicide. He struggled with his mental illness (some would call it "inner demons") most of his life. Prior to his years of success and drug usage his thoughts had sounds that drowned out all other voices around him. Including those of his guardian angel. But never forget, his life was his own. The Cycle of Life, which we have conformed to by faith or psychology, is what we, the external family via Williams' talent, is what we struggle with. Its not so much of his death but how he died. He has done to himself what we have resolved only GOD can do. And this action put us in shock. It makes us mad. It takes the volume of words we want to say choke in our throats because they are too many and too heavy to be released. But its OK. This is normal. Even more so ..... some actions plant sees. Finding those seeds in your Circles of Life is the lesson we can learn from the life of Robin Williams .... because weeds do grow in Paradise.

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