Monday, August 25, 2014


John, the reality is this. "GOOD COPS" are feeling the pressure for the actions of Bad Cops, Bad policing, discriminative legal decisions and their lack of internal support to rid themselves of the infection of injustice. More so, these acts and actions are disproportionately focused on People of Color (i.e. Black People). This is not an exaggeration, the facts don't lie. The evidence (including the missing and distorted) is real and obvious. It don't matter how many "fluff" pieces that go viral, BBQ's and Block parties in the community, P.A.L. events, dog rescue stories or sympathy broadcasts made, if the infection of Bad Cops and sweeping reforms holding those cops accountable for their actions aren't made, Good Cops will be guilty by association. Guilty by cause and by default. Why? Because internally, fraternal organizations know who the "Bad Apples" are. Those on the outside do not have this luxury. For some, to be approached by a police officer is a "hope and prayer" that THIS ONE is a good one.

For an individual Cop to stand up and yell, "Not Me!", the action would be moot because EVERY Cop should be standing. And they aren't. Everyone supports good policing. What society should be demanding is that everyone should be condemning bad policing .... and based upon the statistics, the actions, the evidence and silence .... they aren't. Which could only mean one of two things, 1. People don't care or 2. they accept things as they are. This same philosophy can be said of GOOD COPS who stay silent and work side-by-side with Bad cops. The internal silence and on the side pleas of community acceptance come off weak and sorry to say .... "spineless.' to those most effected by bad policing and Bad Cops.

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