Monday, August 25, 2014


You can’t feel me!
My anger’s too strong.
My stare too long,
And conviction undoes all wrong.
I got ANGRY BLACK MAN Syndrome.
At least that’s what you call it.
My ability to take you out of your comfort zone
Taking your breath
Your spirit
Shaken from the top of your monkey tree and down to the ground.
Shaka strong.
And you blinked.
By fear you noticed that you read the wrong book
About me.
I took the system and words and turned it back upon its maker.
Tsunami style
I tore all up into your foundation and left you nothing.
Not even thought.
And in your bid to call for help
Military forces stood, building walls to protect your assumed innocence.
And I laugh because I took your heart.
Way before you even knew you had one.

No Heart is the sole property of Shazza Nakim, all Rights Reserved and is published with written permission by the artist. (c) Copyright 2014

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