Wednesday, August 27, 2014


"There has never been a INALIENABLE RIGHT or a HUMAN PRIVILEGE achieved in the United States that wasn't fought for by People." - the poet Shazza

One, this is an old interview and I have since beat down this horse a long time ago. It is interesting that like a cycle, when Black people begin to speak TRUTH to injustice, discrimination and or progress towards civil disobedience, MEDIA digs out people like Morgan Freeman, particularly this video and of coarse Samuel Jackson; and a few others I don't have time to get into and won't list, to preach the "Accountability Speech". TRUTH BE TOLD ... Black people are responsible and are accountable. If you talk to Black people, we are actually more "conservative" than liberal. We are to a fault, more conservative than Whites. We do believe in all the principles that make up the foundation that is America. Our detour from that path had come with the political, social and economic change in landscape during the late 1970's and 80's and since then, policy, politics, economics and leadership waned. We can do a 4yrs of back and forth with this topic and still we would not Master the complexities that have effected Black people not just in the United States but throughout Africa. That being said, Freeman's criticism is like criticizing the classroom for not having books to read when the decision to provide books is/was determined by the Bd of Ed. And yes, parents and teachers can come out of pocket for them but there are 12 other classes without books as well. MORGAN FREEMAN just happened to be in the classroom with people who could provide those resources, yet he conveniently forgets to mention that.

For a Man who doesn't believe in GOD, his philosophy on life, responsibility and onus in life as a "formula of nature"a result of Nature and Perfect Nurturing. He totally ignores the reality that what worked for him, the experience, the time, opportunity and even type of competition , may not work for everyone and yet his monolithic vision is that on absolution, one and only, "walk my path and you too can be a MORGAN FREEMAN. He ignores history and individual circumstance. Even the worst of people can become the BEST and we already know that the Best can often do the WORST to people. Some people journey to get to a destination only to say they got there on their own merits. They rarely think about the ground saturated with blood and sweat paved in those roads. As respected an actor he is, I think he hasn't released from playing GOD or the voice of The Universe. HIS privilege came from both Black people that died, sacrificed, protest and protested not to mention the Whites that "decided" to give him his job. People like Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Harry Belafonte, James Earl Jones have acknowledged that prior to being who they are, someone "White" gave them a break. If you look at people (especially form Morgan's generation) the door crack wasn't by a Black face but a White person in a position of privilege. Before that door was crack .... people knocked, kicked and sacrificed before that lock was turned. And still to this day, Morgan Freeman's privilege comes from people that don't look like him. And if my change he doesn't act or say the right thing, can be taken away.

Yes we have irresponsible and trifling Black folk as there are many White folks and all the ethnic groups in between that we can write-off but the demise of the Black community isn't in its inability to live RIGHTLY but in its complacency to continue to do Rightly after the Civil Rights Movement. Black complacency in the belief that its has overcome all that America has done to it and the progress of the Civil Rights era pace would continue absent of inertia into a deep American Dream. Then there is the generation born to the late 70's and 80's and those after that do not know or understand the sacrifices before them because they were the first generations born with RIGHTS. They do not know, understand or can comprehend what it took to give them that freedom any more than you or I can understand what it was like to be a Slave. I am blessed to be old enough to know and had seen signs that said "Colored People Only" just before they were removed but to others? They can't relate. Even in photos. Which brings me back to Morgan Freeman. THAT MOFO KNOW BETTER !!! His banter speaks only on the myopic and ignores the system that has created the very people he "down brows". He is the epidemy of the Boule. He speaks well and he looks good, but his "opinion" on those he is disconnected to is easy to do because he is far removed from their experience, their story, their soul and their spirit to exist. Then again .... he is an atheist and for him GOD HAS NO PURPOSE nor does their (Black peoples) struggle or existence.

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