Saturday, August 23, 2014

From Yusef Hawkins to Eric Garner 25 Years Time Locked

"Well protesting is sort of like, "Please, please, please, don't do that." But they'll do it anyway. But they just ignore you. So, protest is submissive." - Paul Watson, Environmentalist Activist

I think what Paul Watson stated has more merit today, now, than than ever before. The  problem is, people, especial Black folk, aren't ready to transition from "activism" to "interventionism". The difference between "activism" and "interventionism" is  one "talks" and the the other "does". Not by just showing up and raising voices and holding hand up in the air in a surrendering manner but transitioning from being just active to aggression; "the act of "hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another; readiness to attack or confront". Now this might sound anti-American or even what people like to label as a "race riot" but lets be honest, with all the "extra" police, helicopters, patrol boats, secret service and traditional enforcement of the Law that surrounded the "peace march", that is what the Government is most fearful of. The Powers-That-Be know that Black folk have gone from walking hand-in-hand or with tools to being chained, to laying on their backs, to crawling, to standing up, to fighting, to dancing, to walking with hands raised to laying in graves in raising numbers. They know by definition that it is coming to this. The Fight for the Right to exist. The recent law passed called Program 1033 or the official name, AMERICAN BATTLEFIELD PROTECTION PROGRAM ACT OF 2013 ( ) as well as the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959) was designed to be a Pro-Action policy to prevent Interventionism in American People. You can't act against something if the road to action has been cut from the start. These laws cut off all paths via military action and resources. They also have rules for suspending the Constitution. The very fiber of justice in America. 

Its been 25 yrs since since the murder of Yusef Hawkins in Staten Island. The same place Eric Garner was placed in an illegal chokehold and also murdered. Al Sharpton's rally in the same place 25yrs to the day of the murder of Yusef Hawkins and he is back where he started with Eric Garner and the best you can offer in a fiery speech to those attending is that this time the people didn't get watermelon and chicken thrown at them? That is an activist "mentality" ... a philosophy of "Gradualism". If Black folk continue at this pace, 25ys from now the people of Staten Island will be serving wine and cheese, water with lemon and an ice cube for those who don't drink.

For those people in Staten Island who stayed indoors they did so in fear. Fear that the clock is ticking for an age of Interventionism. That fear just might be justified. If the actions of injustice isn't addressed in the Illusion that America is in a Post-Racial era, the 60's will come back and it will far worst than the Middle East.

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