Sunday, March 16, 2008


It started out as a drive of nature
A blue print from a small thought
to design an existence to capture All.
One second,
to one move,
to one point,
from one beginning
to copy that which can’t be understood
yet locked within.
And so I begin.
I take a step and grab at the closest thing.
It was a small achievement.
A non-choice.
A force.
Without question.
Never questioning because I would be part of the design.
This design, the source of who I am.

Carrying body and soul I move to point two.
This was a thought.
A step that would be the design of a decade.
Made real.
Made true.
Made strong.
I think,
do I take to the flower or the weed,
the rose or the dandelion?
The tree,
the thorn?
My love
or my knowledge?
In choice I live in my moment of perfection.
A solo love
A solo wisdom.
A vision of solitude.
So I stretch and I pull
and I journey past my self.
Beyond myself.
Back upon myself
From small steps greater than my conscious mind.
Movement without assumed purpose,
to fashion scenery, magnificence.
GOD’s seed planted within me
My design.
My mind.
At its center.
Reaching out to capture it.

Webs by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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