Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It was only a matter to time. What? Less than 24 Hours before the digging into the background of NEW Governor David Peterson and already we know that he has had Sex. Not only with his wife, Michelle Peterson (the first Black First Lady of the State of New York) but BE DAMNED with another woman.

There are some events were I can be swept up into the wave of excitement and then there are others that are just too good to be true. David Peterson was one of them and for the most part, the People in Harlem gave off that same energy. Black folk were patiently waiting for that other shoe to drop. Call it a deeply rooted suspicion, call it a tie to Black History, maybe a residual effect of a Conspiracy Theory that the downfall of Eliot Spitzer was an inside job from his Republican rivals but regardless the source of the communities foreboding, there was a time period on calm before the storm and in record time it reared its NASTY HEAD, the next day. After David Peterson received a stand ovation from his acceptance speech, a gracious introduction of both sides of the aisle, his call for working together, his focus in fixing the economy of the State of New York, his inclusion of Black, Latino, Asian, White, Men, Women, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Northern New York, Southern New York, the Wealthy and the Homeless, his message was clear and direct, as a Republic, as a State within the Union, New York’s States challenges can no longer be about ego but solutions because if it is not NOW, it will be NEVER. Peterson’s healing song were the words, "There's trust that needs to be restored." In all relationships, this is the last and binding step for healing and moving forward.

What Peterson forgot to do with let the people know that he is having Sex. Although he alluded to it when he introduced his WIFE and CHILDREN to the State Congress. He let the entire State know this because he had a variety of guests such as three past New York City Mayors (Ed Kotch, David Dinkins and Michael Bloomberg), two State Senators (Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer) and ex-Governor Pataki. His State representative list was a Who’s Who of delegates and Super delegates. A party that Obama’s teams would loose sends over and yet with all the players at the PARTY, they all were witnesses that at some point, their REPLACEMENT Governor was having Sex in some shape or form.

So now that we know he’s having it in his immediate family structure, it up to the media’s to have a purposeful intention to look for any hookers, prostitutes, girlfriends on the side, past affairs, gay, bisexual, sex toys, porn, nude or semi-nude pictures, Internet memberships, rapes, blowjobs, STD’s, illegitimate children, aborted children, previous husbands, previous wives, past groups sex offers, tattoos, medicines to improve Sex and or breast enlargements for that the PEOPLE should know. You figure, if you can get one New York Governor why not try and get TWO for the price of ONE.

I posted in just the past few days Blog entries on the issues of how SEX takes too much of the forefront in our conscious thought on matters that are not important (American Dirty Girl, Spitzer's Shame Blame and a Woman's Fame). How sex and the United States puritan views for pretending the actions does not exist, how in our actions to make it hidden, SEX actually becomes the very nature of American's obsession, especially in Politics. I am not diminishing the bizarre aspects of what some have done, like playing footsy in Public bathrooms, but the private matters of sex in modern families should not be exploited as a weakness in one's political character here or in the World.

The positive fallout about this story is, most New Yorkers don’t even care. If anything, they are frustrated that it is even an ISSUE so soon after the Peterson’s Inauguration. I mean it was less than 24 hours ago. Looking at written reactions to this hit on the public, I read the following responses from The New York Times, March 18, 2008:

“What is the problem in New York that there should be such a shortage of saints available for public office?” – Posted by Nat

“WHO CARES?” – posted by Jennifer

“Do we really need to know this? I sure don’t. What’s next? A "mia culpa" of impure thoughts? Spitzer didn’t have an affair - he broke the law by buying sex and laundering money to cover up his illegal transaction. An old affair in the ancient history of a long marriage is no one’s business but theirs.” – Posted by Amanda, New York

“Well THAT was a short honeymoon . . . .” – Posted by Bettye Underwood

Then again, the "Affair" happened years prior to David and Michelle Peterson being part of State Government, which like many Married Couples, they decided to work in their resources, a way into a solution, which made the Peterson Family stronger.

“This was a marriage that appeared to be going sour at one point, but I went to counseling and we decided we wanted to make it work. Michelle is well aware of what went on.

We have a marriage like many Americans, maybe even many of you. And the fact is that we work through our marriage and want our children to see that we could make a difficult situation work. We’re very much in love with each other when we got married, we’re very much in love with each other now. I was in love with Michelle even when I knew the marriage was in grave danger. The fact is, for my own actions, I was angry, I was jealous and I exercised poor judgment. One day I realized it and I just decided I would go to counseling and have tried to work through these problems with Michelle and …you are seeing the real relationship, the day when we got married, the one we have now, maybe, maybe even a little bit enhanced by much better communication.”
-David Peterson

Only those addicted to finding scandal or just have issues with Peterson will enjoy this titillation for Political Dirt. Some would even see this release of information as a positive PR event. Much like an Obama, we get all the dirt out in the open first and then exhaust any possible conflicts for the future. I just might agree with this tactic but HONESTLY, I rather not have known at all. That was and still is a private matter for David Peterson and his family.

What is in our best interest? Well, I guess there should be a check list of things a Politician can and can not do or have done before running for any position, call it an honor code if you like. The interesting thing about it is that to do this, would eliminate practically all the World Leaders all over. American’s need for the perfect Politician has never existed. Including American’s first President, George Washington. Sex isn’t an illegal act. Affairs are moral issues which depending on the circumstances (like a Spitzer/Prostitution felony inquiry case), aren’t areas the PEOPLE need to be involved in or need to regulate a person or a person political. I read in a Blog entry where someone asking if the People in Harlem were dancing in the streets knowing that one of its own, David Peterson, was going to be Governor of New York. Well, I can actually answer that question now. NO we weren’t. We are watching from the sidelines for any illegal plays from the aisles, the referees, the rules committees, the coaches, advertisers, cheerleaders and the media covering the GAME. It would appear, the MEDIA has made it's first move.

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