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This isn’t a diet to loose weight although some weight will be loss, the purpose is to begin a progressive detoxification of the body and begin a lifestyle for eating that will maintain not only a weight “control” program, but a regiment of healthy eating that will show both internally and externally. Understand that all body sicknesses are caused by the following symptoms; Malnutrition, Dehydration and Stress. As long as you understand this as a cause for illness you can then begin to address the root of your bodily problems and not the effect. Disease and Excess are the most common causes of Death for Food in the United States. Concentrating only on Food, the 3,2,1 Diet will address eating on a fundamental level.

The diet will be in three stages (3/1, 2/1, 1/1)

3/1 or three weeks on 1 week off are the detoxification stage. This will require a person to do a colonic as well as limit the amount of preservative in the digestive system. For some, this is the hardest part of the diet for this part challenges the “flavor addiction” of the individuals. Those ultimate red flags for addiction are the additions of “salt and sugars” processed foods.

2/1 or the two weeks on 1 week off is the choice stage. This challenges a person’s ability to monitor and or balance the foods that are good and bad in their eating habits. It is a conscious observation of what you consume or are addicted to. Most diets fail because people try going “cold turkey” or not addressing the real reason for their bad eating habits. Your two weeks on is for self-examination and personal research. This would require you getting a personal physician, learning what your Blood-Type is, family medical history, and learning what the causes are for those family illnesses (hereditary, social, environmental, chemical, physical) and planning a lifestyle change which requires little to no money to address.

1/1 or 1 week on 1 week off is in my opinion the hardest part because it requires you to actually read labels on store bought products. This stage requires you to consume less than 350mg of sodium (salt) per day. Just to let you know, 1 serving of Oatmeal without any extras or 5 oz is equal to 120mg of sodium. Drink 1 glass of apple juice (from concentrate) and you are already 135mg+ into your day. This is the only intense monitoring of the diet because eating 1 turkey sandwich can be 800mg+. So be aware.

This 1-week stage is to develop an understanding as to how much salt and sugar we consume in 1 single day. This will allow for the body to burn off excess water and or fat that often does not get attention without over working out by intense exercise. Although working out will be part of your diet plan, I am not asking you to join a gym or turn your home into a health club. The purpose is to bring a new consciousness to the toxins that we consume on a daily bases. By doing that, you will see where and how the extra weight catches up on you.

Listed below are foods you will choose from to make your diet plan. In this diet, portion sizes are important but not in a limiting way. You will eat 3 meals per day with two snacks in between. What you will be snacking on and the amounts are important. It is also important that you get 6 - 8 hours sleep per day, 1 hour of quiet time (mediation, exercise, sitting in a park, a room reading) and a partner that you will report to in order to outline your day. This last point is necessary because in the initial stages you will need someone to give you the support to get through and over the “flavor addictions”.

You will find that based upon your diet, finding locations in your community that specialize in healthy eating are not always easy. Health food stores are not as plentiful as your average corner store or supermarket. You will also find that in certain areas that the healthy food sections are considerably smaller in size and stock. More so, the prices may be much higher and content/portion sizes are also smaller. Do not let this deter you from your goal. Without getting into politics and or the economics of the marketing of foods, you may have to go that extra mile for your heath and well-being. A friend of mine once said, “Convenience Kills”. The sound of that may have seemed over the top for most to hear but her intentions were honorable since she was referring to the quick fix of buying cheap and easy sources of nutrition. Her view of eating processed foods were liken to purchasing drugs for a quick fix. It is unfortunate that eating healthy means “work”, but when has eating to live hasn’t meant effort when you know you will live longer, look more youthful and have more energy in your day.

Meat/Protein Substitutes
Soy, Tofu, Wheat (Seitan/Gluten), Nuts, Beans, Yogurt, Cheese (Organic Dairy Products)

Sugar Substitutes (Slowly begin to diminish the need for sweeteners)
Honey, Raw Brown Sugar, Molasses

Milk Substitute (Vitamins)
Rice Milk – Rice Dreams (Original/Vanilla)
Soy Milk – Silk (Original/Vanilla)
Almond Milk
Organic Goats Milk

Cooking Oils (Vitamins and Minerals)
*Canola Oil
Sesame Seed Oil
*Virgin Olive Oil (Packaged in Dark bottles)
Sunflower Oil
*Coca Nut Oil

Vegetables (Vitamins)
*Broccoli, Green Beans, *Cabbage, Spinach, Egg Plant, Peas/Chickpeas, *Garlic, Green/Red/Yellow Peppers, *Squash (Yellow, Butternut), Sea Weed, Bean Sprouts, Celery, Olives, *Cauliflower, Yams

Fruit (Fiber, Vitamins)
Apples, Bananas, Peaches, Raspberries, Blue Berries, Cherries, Figs, Lemon (Grapes, Oranges, Kiwi, Melon, Strawberries – careful with these fruits because of the sugar content)

Snack (Vitamins, Proteins, Fiber)
Dry Fruit (Apples, Mango, Pineapple, Raisins, Dates, Prunes)
*Trail Mix
Ice Cream (Single flavored 1 pint no extras ingredients 1 per week Soy Based or Bryers)
Mixing Syrup (Fruit Based 18mg or less sugar for Water/Ice Frosty)
Vegetable Chips - Salt Free
Peanut Butter (Natural and non-commercial/*Almond Butter (This is better for you than Peanut Butter)
Tuna/Salmon and Egg Salad (Combination for Chips, Dip, Sandwich – Can Tuna Fresh Water)

Organic Rice (1/2 cut twice per week)
Potatoes (baked 1 per week)
*Pita Bread (if you can, do without bread)
*Black Russian Bread (if you can, do without bread)
Whole Wheat (Avoid Common Commercial Brands)
Rice or Wheat based pasta

Fish (Protein)
Whiting, Salmon, Shark Steak, Tuna, Mackerel, Porgy (Avoid bottom feeding and scavenger fish)

Cereals (Fiber)
Oats (Not to be confused with Oatmeal)


Beans (Protein)
Lintel, Peas, Broad, Navy/White, Red, Black, Kidney

Foods to Avoid
Breads, Corn, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Alcohol, Salad Dressing, White Sugar, White Flour, Juices from Concentrate, Fruit Drinks, White Rice (in large amounts), Eggs (2 per week if you can), Pancakes, Waffles, Muffins, Doughnuts, Cakes, Cookies and Candies, Pastas, Caffeine based Teas and Coffees - if you can’t do without it for 2 days, you have an addiction.

Without question, all foods prepared are to be boiled, broiled, baked, steamed, grilled or eaten raw. Sautéed vegetables in oil are only to be used for light flavoring and not to be soaked. Use oil sparingly and as a substitute for salad dressing. If you can avoid them altogether during the 3,2,1 period, even better.

For Soy, Tofu and Wheat (Seitan or Gluten) meat substitutes, there are many recipes that can be found on the Internet. Many of which suggest that for the meat ingredients you use Soy, Tofu or Seitan/Gluten so there is no special preparation for them. What is interesting is that these meat substitutes take on the flavor of what it is cooked in. So you do not loose flavor or texture based upon which one is used. As a rule I use the following for dishes; Soy for Fish, Tofu for Chicken and Lamb, and Seitan/Gluten for Beef.

When using these meat substitutes, remember to prepare them as if you were cooking the actual dish. What is wonderful about these substitutes is that they all take on the flavor and texture of the dish itself. For example when cooking with Tofu, if the dish calls for chicken and you use the ingredients that would bring out the flavor of chicken, then the Tofu absorbs the seasonings and takes on a poultry taste.

There are many books on preparing Vegetarian dishes as well as websites. On your free time search for a few and amaze yourself on what you have been missing.

The Diet

3/1 – The beginning
This is the beginning of a way of life. Note I stated a way of life. This isn’t one of those TV or Hollywood Diets; this is something that is ongoing as long as you want to stay healthy. Will it prolong your life, I cannot honesty say but one thing is for sure, your doctor visits and health care provider won’t make much money on you pushing pills and additives after you begin a lifestyle of healthy eating. The purpose of the 3/1 is to gradually get your body to recognize that  it is polluted with additives that it doesn’t need. By doing this, your body will then craves only the nutrients that it will need and reject the toxins (in food) that it doesn’t. For example the sodium in Potato Chips, the carbonation and coloring in Soft Drinks, the abundant Oils and Seasoning in Fast Food and the preservatives in Frozen and Can goods.

To begin you will need to purchase SUNDIAL WOODROOT TONIC (32 oz) and SUNDIAL KOROMANTEE (32 oz) from your local Health Food Store. If you cannot find either you can either contact the distributor at (718) 798-3962 or email You can also go to their website at . (Please Note* You should see your physician before you begin any dietary regiment in order to know your health status regardless of how safe and simple it may sound or be.)

In using these herbs and bitters, follow the instructions carefully and without deviation. In order for the 3/1 to work, you have to condition your eating habits as well as your daily routine. Both Woodroot and Koromantee must be taken twice daily and together. The actual diet is what you consume between usage. 64 oz of water and avoid fiber/dehydrating based juices and beverages (apple, cranberry, grape, teas, coffees) should be consumed during this period. Avoid dry fruits as well during the 3/1 periods for they tend to have a laxative type properties. No dairy is allowed during the 3/1 periods. Only after the 3rd week can you slowly begin to add small amounts of diary back into your diet or at all.

Since this is 3/1, it will take you two weeks to finish both bottles. The last week of the 3/1 will be only to flush your body out with water.

2/1 – Know You Body

This is your Vegetarian phase. NO MEATS and MEAT PRODUCTS. I have given you a listing of foods you can and cannot eat. The goal is to explore the various foods and food options around you and to cultivate good eating habits. This phase also will teach you that you can eat when you are hungry only and to stop eating when the hunger is gone. NOT UNTIL THE STOMACH IS STRETCHED. Believe it or not, this is how we learned to eat. Full meant that we had to loosen the belt buckle. This is where most diets fail because many programs do not address this issue. Thus the active research on your part to understand why it is that you eat the way you do. You can and will approach it from an economic, cultural, and personal level. How your income effects what you buy? How your family background has influenced how you shop and what you eat? How your mood or environment affects what you eat (i.e. the location of your job, family pressures, relationships etc.). Don’t avoid making a doctor's appointment just to talk. Whatever you do, do not take any outside advice from friends. This is your personal goal for improving your life and only your doctor and support group should be considered if any advice is considered. Own this as you would anything that meaningful to you.

This is a period for gathering information about yourself and not having “someone” guide you through a spiritual journey. Personal Mediation and Prayer is a good way to get in tune with your body. Learn to listen. Sounds deep but when you learn to listen to your body, you will begin to understand how people can go for years and not know they are ill. They have forgotten how to listen to their bodywork and to feel what it needs. A wise man told me once, “God has given you two ears and one mouth so that you can listen twice as much as you speak”. The listening also covers the body as well.

1/1 – Know Your Foods

Now that you have taken a week off, your body should not only see but feel a difference. Although your body isn’t completely cleansed, it will begin to want more as you continue the 3,2,1 regiment. In the 2/1 you will begin to read food labels. Not for calories and fat content but for salt. You see the more sugar that is in a product, the more salt is used to counter-act the ingredient. So we will be killing two birds with one stone. Look for only those foods that will add up to 500mg of sodium (salt) per day. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because the average American consumes more than 4500mg of sodium per day. Some Americans consume as much as 2000mg in one meal. This will be the hardest part of the 3,2,1 regiment. I would suggest that you bag your lunch. Raw and Dry fruits and vegetables, non-salted nuts, cereals are good CRAVING SNACKS. You will do this for two weeks. Why is this important? Salt is a water retainer. You need to drop the excess water weight. Also, with High blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and a multitude of other food related diseases, you need to begin and understand that your body isn’t absorbing everything that you are consuming. Some of it is discarded but most of it is absorbed and stored never to be used (i.e. your body has become an internal dump for garbage and it shows in the skin, hair, teeth, the hips, waist and stomach, your breathing, and coloration of the eyes).

Now that you are done with the 3,2,1 regiment what next?

You can begin again. I find that once a person goes through the 3,2,1 they usually want to go back into a second try. I say go for it but remember, this is a seasonal diet. Once you begin a GRADUAL CHANGE IN YOUR EATING, you will not need to continue on a strict routine. Begin to add exercise to your weekly pattern. Walking is a good way to begin. You do not need to go out and join a gym right away but if your home does not afford the privacy you need, then check out an affordable yet SIMPLE GYM. The less flash the better.

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I am reading what you posted and taking it to heart, but literally and figuratively. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

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