Sunday, June 15, 2008


Sitting by the Nile a Queen approached me and asked
If I knew anything about a King
A King with a smile like the sun.
I did not know for I only knew of the nights over Egypt.

This Queen then proceeded to show me an alabaster box
One of significant importance.

"This box possesses your heart's desire.
It is yours if you would help me find my King.
If not, I will take it away", she told.

I pondered the possibilities
for the offer seemed too inviting.

"If this box can grant the heart's wish, why can it not grant yours?
I have no need or desire for all that I wish is here.
So tell me this oh Queen of the lost."

The Queen arched in defiance,
turns, and walk away.

"Stop! You have not answered my question.
Must I ask my question anew.
In my arrogance I meant not to offend."

The Queen rolls back and state.
"For one who questions, one does indeed desire."

The Queen hands me the box.
And within it there was a human heart.
Beating and pulsating with life.

I then knew that the heart was trapped within.
This was the Box of Isis.

"Could this be the King you ask of?
The heart which plays the music of life.
I see no smile but there is life."

The Queen then takes the heart and consumes it.
Before my eyes she becomes enriched.
Giving birth to life and a child is born.
A male child vibrant with joy and laughter.

The child then cries a name.

A man most powerful and salient.
He holds his Queen and a kiss is made.
Both look at me and like the wind they are gone.

Leaving me the box with a scroll and pen.

The Box by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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KenyaSpeaks said...

This is a magnificent poem.
I have my own poetry and others have contributed at my site for Black Poetry.
Keep up the great work.