Tuesday, September 9, 2014


To say that all parties involved DIDN'T see the whole video is BS. The courts, the police, the NFL and everyone involved in the decision process of Ray Rice ... they all saw the video. We the people were the only ones not involved in the process. As a matter of fact, the "re-releasing" of this video has in essence made the incident appear as if this is both NEW or giving the impression that Ray Rice is STILL abusing his wife. Manipulation of information and the incident paints Rice as an "animal out of control and a danger to all Women". Women whom he does not know, will not know and will never meet. It is a marketing that easily works for certain "types" of people. That same campaign can be applied to anyone (Males) who would speak in any way in support of Rice as a person, as a person who needs help and one who has the potential to be forgiven and becoming a better person. Watching the video (again and from a different angle), I wasn't shocked because I (we) knew what happened. We still do. Nothing new was added to the evidence. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE ... this incident isn't NEW. It was discussed, debated, viraled, the topic of talk shows, made newspaper and magazine articles, PEOPLE GOT SUSPENDED from their jobs. careers were boosted and millions of social media posts were created etc ... and yet people are reacting like this is new News. If anything, the re-creation and creating Law to be applied 'retroactively' is the real monster. 

My last point is this, how is it we can see Ray Rice hit is wife in "GRAPHIC DETAIL" and have it looped all day for several days and the News can't show police shooting innocent people or even criminals in violent acts, the the end results of bombings in the Middle East and Gaza, or the beheading of Journalist? The excuse that it is "too violent" for TV or for the News become hypocritical when we can see Ray Rice. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE this is more than just a domestic issue its politics and YES I will say "Race".

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