Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I’ve seen sparks flare and rocks fly
Crashing against brows that pulsate blood
Knowledge and pride
for a tribe.
my Home,
our family.
It’s a light,
like stars,
that dance
And wakes the senses
allowing you,
and everyone present know
that THIS is reality.
Be it live or recorded
you now stand at the front line of the Revolution.

I took a side and it is Hot, and Violent, Physical
This will be the re-start of that circle in Mayan history
where everything repeats because as Man and Men
we keep forgetting the struggle
That life, liberty and the over pursuit of prosperity
eventually and ultimately
kills us.
Bible Qur'an Torah taught us,
We have embraced humanity’s less exorcised
and re-swallowed pea-soup of bile and blades
served up on money green platters and platinum card dreams.
Swooned and swayed to diamond jingle bells
and shook bags of sugar ‘till it dropped like its Hot.
Cars like deadly caterpillars munching on black filled pipes,
sucking hard on the excremental breast milk of Mother Earth.
People followed and realized that the beat they heard was not of the heart
but of the cellular ringtones from bill collectors calling
cursing your ass out to pay your bills.
It was a beat that burped and belched that your stomach is tight and empty
It was a hollow treble that echoed from your foreclosed home
And the hammer knocking in your neighbor’s lawn
signs reading,

Here everyone in the land is looking to the sky for a Superman
while rocking back and forth counting beads and molesting crosses
with dirty fingers that once traced remotes that channeled every talk show created.
in this reality sits a people who
stopped singing Negro spirituals praising Jesus …
a long time ago,
and replaced him with Pink Floyd

The gospel:

“We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room
(yells) Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone!”

Because the man got it right:
I and we were just another brick in the Wall.

Praying for simple solutions,
the devil in us turned GOD into DOG
And in return
got a nation that shit and pissed all over each other.
Funny thing about shit and piss,
it is the one true method that dogs communicate
and the World made sure we did not become pedigrees
living in our own American backyard.

Unlike thunder or like lightning, the rumble in the distance
is missing.
No more can we count on the people to carry pitch forks
German Sheppards and high pressure hoes,
or spit and slur words of hate.
This is a different time, a different place
This whole party goes beyond Race.
Mutts, junkyard and strays in our own diversity
where television sells us on the notion that Poor is Fashionable and Cheap is Cool
SPAM is caviar and Ramen noodles is part of the 4 basic food groups.
Holy Men dancing with baby boys and Women becoming famous for their anger and pain,
who could ever image a bunch of dirty kids from New Jersey’s shore
would be the welcoming ambassadors for a generation.
We look around
 and become rabbit when what little is left is thrown in the middle
of a hungry pack,
and we draw blood.
Ethnic blood
 in a frenzy, and we still can’t see that it is all Red.
Because in truth, we are dead inside.
A cesspool of mediocrity and mendacity.
Dank and dark even in our most enlighten moments.
Complacent like meat fried up to give the next generation heartburn and diabetes
We medicate on the idea that we are great only because we are American.
And if we turn down the music, just enough
we just might hear the scant chuckle of Shaitan
and the quite tears of GOD,
opposite ends,
opposite sides of Ying and Yang.
Like the center of the circle in history,
 this is now cause,
 this the catalyst
The Revolution.

Work is the sole property of Shazza Nakim and is published with written permission by the artist.
 (c) Copyright 2013 

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